How to Optimise the User Experience of Digital Events Attendees

How to Optimise the User Experience of Digital Events Attendees | MCI UAE | EN

Digital events have been on the market for a fair amount of time, but having to convert an already planned large event or conference into a digital one can be a real challenge. When circumstances beyond our control make us redefine our initial plans, the first impulse might be to cancel altogether.

However, turning to digital solutions ensures that, first, your delegates don’t miss out completely on the content, networking and interactions you had in store for them; second, you as an organisation retain the opportunity to connect with your stakeholders wherever they might be in the world and generate revenue at the same time. What's more, other parties involved, including sponsors, partners and speakers, can all receive their ROI from such an experience – if not from being initiators of an innovative project, from growing their visibility and getting new data insights thanks to the online format. 

Not to let your previous marketing efforts go to waste though, you need to prepare a seamless digital experience. The audience is already used to access webinars and a plethora of other content online, so switching to a virtual event is not a big jump for them. But it will be if you don’t give them the agile and flexible experience they are accustomed to.  

With the right approach, it’s still possible to generate good end-results from digital events. What will make the difference though is designing the experience with your attendees in mind. Only this way you will be able to positively affect them even when the live event is over. That's the difference between one-time attendees and life-long fans

Here are some tips to optimise a digital event’s user experience before, during and after. Are you interested in knowing more on designing a digital event to enrich and differentiate your attendees experience?  Send us an email

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