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The MCI team in China was challenged with delivering a global launch event for a multinational technology company during a premium global technology roadshow. Then, the crisis hit. In this scenario, our team had to navigate and comply with the evolving health and government regulations on a daily basis, while also coordinating the production and travel requirements. MCI China quickly moved to support the client in handling the cancellation regulations and identifying the best alternative to bring the project to success. The outcome was a hybrid live and online event that was designed and implemented in less than a week time. 

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product launch hybrid event


The client and MCI team worked side by side to rethink and redesign the product launch, following MCI’s Design methodology to conduct the event as a hybrid experience.  

Key for the success of this blended event was the integration of user experience design and technology to ensure an optimal online and offline experience for attendees – also thanks to the collaboration with a Chinese Technical Director and a long-term Audio-Visual partner who deeply understood client’s expectations and mode of operating.

On the event day, 500 media and channel partner guests participated in the broadcasting of the keynote and other live speakers, alongside the product experience in the demo area. The online streaming – translated in 7 languages – took place on the technology company’s owned platforms. Social media’s live streaming features were leveraged to amplify the reach of the content to the company’s fans.  

Ultimately, MCI China and the client brought this project to success thanks to a can-do attitude of managing changes with the aim to deliver a best-in-class experience for guests and viewers. 

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product launch hybrid event

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