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The One Young World summit is an annual event bringing the brightest young leaders together from all over the globe, empowering them to make lasting connections and create positive change. For the second consecutive year, we were chosen as one of the core events agencies for the OYW Summit, delivering full event management services, from volunteer, transportation and exhibition management to fully producing the QEII Summit programme.

In 2018, One Young World took place in The Hague, The Netherlands. With the same MCI team from the 2018 edition being on board this year, prior experience helped boost the client, sponsor and exhibitor trust in the on-site team.

Our teams from MCI UK and MCI The Netherlands proudly partnered with One Young World to deliver their 10th Summit, which brings together more than 2000 bright young leaders to develop solutions to the world’s most pressing issues. And the Summit celebrated its decennial anniversary with record attendance since the forum began in 2010.

Although the team was faced with many challenges when it came to the logistics of the event, they managed to overcome each one.

A Hands-On Experience

In the event’s industry, things need to work as close to clockwork as is possible. Especially for high-end events such as One Young World. And with something so large in scale, there are plenty of logistics to manage.

“Put yourself in the shoes of the client, exhibitors, sponsors and the attendees”

With the historical venue, the Royal Albert Hall, being situated in the city centre of London, traffic and blockades were a big concern with 10 large trucks having to stop outside of the venue, blocking the streets, to off-load and on-load exhibition and sponsored materials.

This made sticking to the scheduling a priority for all involved.

A full exhibition space

The exhibition space grew, not only in terms of companies but also in square meters. In 2018, we supported 14 companies across 434m2, compared to 2019 with 16 companies and 657m2 of exhibition space. With booths ranging from virtual reality to sustainable chocolate.

OYW Exhibition  

8 out of 16 companies exhibiting during this edition exhibited last year; thus, a connection had already been made. We developed an excellent working relationship with sponsors from different industries including Johnson & Johnson, BP, Finance Standard Chartered, Coca Cola and Jaguar Land Rover.

OYW Exhibition 

Parallel to working in a tight space, the exhibition space was located on the third floor of the venue, and they had only one large elevator to bring materials up and down with. With 5 - 100m2, 5 - 3x3 and 7 - 16m2 booths in total, it was important that everyone built and broke their exhibit down within their spot, no-one exceeded the time allocated to each task and everyone was out on time.

OYW Exhibition

But there isn’t a challenge that can’t be overcome. Although exhibitors faced time pressure for the build-up and tear down of the exhibits, they managed with time to spare in the end. And thus, the exhibition area gave delegates the opportunity to converse with the exhibitors in an interactive way.

OYW Exhibition 

Beyond the exhibition space


Next to managing the exhibition space, our team took care of the management of the QEII Summit Programme; which included the side stages, translating the content into a setting that worked. It was paramount that the team matched the technical requirements with the content to create a seamless experience. Alongside,

  • Aligning with suppliers, sponsors and clients
  • Making sure the aesthetic of the stages was of high quality
  • Providing extra attention to high level and disabled speakers and
  • Making sure each stage was equipped with all necessary AV equipment

OYW Jaguar Stage

Because one person cannot be in multiple places at once, dedicated stage managers were stationed at each side stage, being the main point of contact for the client with regards to security and time keeping for that specific area.

Transporting several thousand around central London

For some delegates, attending One Young World’s Summit was their first experience of travelling abroad or visiting London so it was imperative that delegates were well informed about the city’s transportation system and provided with directional support. The full transport management needed to flow seamlessly from delegates' arrivals at airports through to their Oyster card collection. We assessed London’s public transport and worked closely with local authorities to ensure the City was ready for several thousand in-bound delegates. With the Summit’s programme taking place at the QEII Centre and Central Hall Westminster, Delegates were centrally located and encouraged to be as green as possible by walking and using TFL’s excellent system.

OYW welcomes many high-profile VIPs from Richard Branson to Bob Geldof and Ellie Goulding. It was paramount that they are treated with privacy and respect. We did this by perfecting the logistics, establishing a project team and maintaining good risk management plans in place with security. Jaguar was one of the transport sponsors and loaned ten of their I-Pace electric cars for VIP movements – this guaranteed the safe transportation of 50+ VIPS and ensured lower emissions and a reduced ecological footprint.


Running a well-oiled machine smoothly

Volunteers play a crucial role at the Summit, taking on the roles of VIP hosts, accessibility champions, stage assistants, directional support, registration helpers, opening ceremony flag assistants, press support, news writers and photographers. Our role was to attract, engage and retain volunteers. We strategically managed the entire volunteer piece from application selection through to meeting each volunteer in person and working alongside them onsite.


Our teams worked tirelessly to ensure that all volunteers were supported, committed and excited before attending. This required dedicated round-the-clock communications, meaningful interactions, and personalised engagement. Volunteers were trained for their positions based on their skillsets and led onsite by our team. They supported the Summit at every given touchpoint of the delegate’s journey from their rousing volunteer welcome upon arrival in the UK to hotel check-in. Recognisable in their trademark OYW blue hoodies, volunteers provided key events information, local city knowledge and most importantly a friendly face. Our expert management of 300+ volunteers ensured that every delegate felt extremely welcome, comfortable and safe in the city during their time at OYW.

Be ahead of the game

Meetings with OYW were had right from the start of the project, with multiple site visits to get a good vision of the workable space and accessibility. Next came detailed manuals, timed schedules and written show scripts; created to make sure the event-flow never veered off course pre, during or post event.

Planning is everything. Our team were able to handle any ad hoc issues on the spot and without any friction. The MCI team were on-site at all times during the event, making sure that everything ran as smooth as possible and all sponsors and exhibitors had what they needed; at the ready to assist if there were any concerns.

Through impeccable time and stakeholder management and due to our exceptional expertise and experience in logistics, the challenges faced were met head on with pre-planning, flexibility and clear communication.

It was an honour to facilitate the conversation that drives change, and to showcase MCI’s collaborative spirit, creativity and world-class project management.

Credits: It was a pleasure to collaborate with Private Drama Events on the 10th One Young World Summit 2019. Full credits go to Private Drama Events who was responsible for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and produced the main plenary conference sessions at the Central Hall Westminster across the three-day conference. MCI’s teams from the UK and Netherlands provided full event management services, from volunteer, transportation and exhibition management to producing the programme at the QEII Centre across three stages. 

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