Robby Gu | MCI United States | EN

Deputy Director –Meeting and Event

Which word best describes MCI for you and why?

Future. I see MCI’s future as the world’s biggest MICE company covering a wide spectrum of areas, such as event management, AV equipment management, content development management and so on. With this in mind, I am able to see my future as part of it.

Coolest thing that ever happened to you simply because you work at MCI

The chance to meet my “brothers” and “sisters” from different offices when I am traveling in their countries.

What makes you proud about working at MCI?

MCI's international reputation within the MICE industry in addition to the praise and respect we get from our partners, especially from the hospitality industry.

Most exciting/defining moment since you join MCI?

We helped one of our direct selling clients to create an unforgettable incentive program through their company industry. We also managed to establish strong partner relationships with them.

What kind of skills does the team need?

To be patient and strong-willing especially when negotiating with clients and representatives of the Chinese market budget matters. We need our team members to share MCI's vision in becoming the MICE industry leader in China and promote this vision to our business partners.