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December, 22 2021

When companies and organizations launch a brand or undergo a rebrand, their first thought tends to be: How do I generate awareness for external audiences with my new brandWhat you should be thinking is how do Igenerate awareness for our internal teams as well as external audiences?

Think of your brand like an OREO cookie. Two crispy chocolate cookies. Yummy crème filling. Neither is as tasty on its own—it’s only when both work together that they create the deliciousness that is the best-selling cookie in the world

Your employees (at MCI we think of our employee as “talents” since they are the engines that ignite our clients’ success) are essential in telling the story of your organization. They are the first point of contact for your members and customersif they don’t know what you stand for or how to communicate it, how can you expect your audiences to embrace your authenticity? 

So how can you educate your employees when launching or refreshing a brand? The key is engagement

When MCI rebranded earlier this year, we launched an internal brand strategy that consisted of sessions with our talents reviewing our mission, vision, and valuespresentation of key messages and how those align with our service offerings; and an overview of newly branded assetsOur strategy also included developing an “MCI Brand Bowl”—a lively competition among individual business units that quizzed everyone on what they learnedresulting in designated brand champions for those divisions. Those brand champions will go head-to-head for the title of Ultimate Brand Champion later this year. Each participant who participated in the Brand Bowl received newly branded swag, and the brand champions will receive monetary rewards in addition to the swag. #incentivesareagreatmotivator

When your employees are emotionally invested in your brandthey will be more loyal and will likely advocate for the brand by sharing the company’s successes on social media--and potentially refer business/members to your company or organizationWith 84% of people trusting recommendations when they come from their friends, family members, and colleagues compared with other types of marketing, that’s an audience you can’t afford to ignore. 


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