Campus Party Digital Edition: A Lesson in Teamwork

Campus Party Digital Edition: A Lesson in Teamwork | MCI United States | EN

October, 01 2020

After several years of planning,MCI USA was excited to be hosting Campus Party’s2020 debut in Detroit – butwhen coronavirus interfered with those plans, we instead ended up hosting the world’s largest virtual eventCampus Party Digital Edition: Let’s Reboot the World

Our entire owned assets team, along withpartners in Detroit and a few additional MCI USA talents joined forces to develop programming, learn a new platform, sell sponsorships, market the event, and execute as seamlessly as possible – all while battling time differences, language barriers and an impending deadline.

The result was a record-breaking success.Campus Party Digital Edition took place July 9-11 at More than a half million self-proclaimed geeks, innovators, gamers, techies and simply curious individuals tuned in to hear and see presentations by almost 2,000 speakers from 31 countries. It was, literally, the largest internet event in the world.

Five themed stages for each country hosted local talent, while the Global Main Stage showcased keynote speakers who were a draw around the world. 

Campus Party Digital Edition – and its participation from the U.S. – nicely positions Campus Party TechFest USA to debut in Detroit July 23-25, 2021 at TCF Center. The momentum the team gained from this experience, in addition to the conversations and relationships that had already started prior to the pause, has set up MCI USA to be successful in this important execution. 

Highlights from Campus Party Digital Edition include:

  •     E-sports rel="noopener noreferrer" team Renegades panel with ownersMichael J. Sulaka, Jonas Jerebko,and Christopher Roumayeh discussing the business of ever-growing e-sports 

  •   rel="noopener noreferrer"   Live from the DMAN Foundation: Visit the World’s First Accessible Music Therapy Recording Studio with Eric Patrick Thomas, Allan Floyd,and Anna Roty

  •     Dare to Be Different – Daniel Russell Sr. 

  •     Where are Those Self-Driving Cars?! 

  •     Edward Snowden addressing How to Reboot the World 

  •     And so much more! 

Participants were encouraged to donate to Doctors Without Borders during this unique time in our world. On-demand content can be found on the U.S. website, global website, and the individual Campus Party YouTube channels. 

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