Why Meetings & Events are Essential for Organizational Growth in 2022

Why Meetings & Events are Essential for Organizational Growth in 2022 | MCI United States | EN

July, 19 2022

It’s official—2022 is the year to unlock experiences and profound growth! Organizations are aiming to reach new heights in the coming months and set their sights for success in 2023. Their aspirations and target metrics are unique, befitting their strengths and targeted areas of weaknesses. Whether that be to grow sales, incentivize top customers, boost employee morale, or simply put your heads together to knock out an important project, MCI USA’s Corporate Events & Meetings holds the solution to these companies looking to expand and deliver! More importantly, corporate events offer white glove treatment, tailored specifically to the organization's most unique needs.

Why should your organization consider holding a corporate meeting in 2022?

1.     Show you care.

No matter the type of meeting you choose for your needs, whether it be for your top clients and customers or for your own employees, it is essential that your organization comes in the game swinging, face-to-face. Customer service is everything and your clients and customers want to know they are your priority, that you have the dedication to continue with a mutual transaction moving forward, and they want to see what is new.  Wow them and keep them coming back for more with experienced customer service, top-tier event production, and what your organization does best.

If you’re holding a meeting for your own employees, consider the burnout they must be feeling after two years working from home or under high stress situations. High employee turnover rates are something many organizations are struggling with right now, and the ones that make it through to 2023 with low turnover are the ones who put their employees first. Employees want to know that their company and direct supervisors support them. Holding in-person, destination meetings to go over company goals, crank out important projects, or just unwind and team-build together, show that you care about the work they do and are there to support them. Often with destination meetings, employees feel special and invested in, and it shakes up the mundane routine, incentivizing a new burst of passion in work and improving overall morale.

2.     Reach your revenue goals and build for a new future!

Boosting sales and increasing revenue may be your top priority, and to reach those metrics and values, Corporate Meetings can offer your organization a new event-focused medium to connect with customers and clients for revenue expansion. Sales conferences tap into this revenue potential while corporate meetings help build strategies for growth from within. Corporate Meetings can cross over into multiple industries: Automotive, Business & Professional Services, Direct Sales, Energy, Entertainment, Finance & Banking, Food & Beverage, Healthcare Information, Communication & Technology, Retail, Science & Engineering, Sports, and more! These are just a few of the industries that can benefit from dabbling in the corporate event space.

The possibilities are endless, and you can construct an event that is uniquely tailored to your organization’s needs. Meet your goals and rise above them with activities, structure, and masterful event planning that gets you to your organization’s unique version of success. Harnessing the power of the Corporate Meeting space will boost revenue success and set your organization and your employees for achievement in future years to come.

3.     Consider the hybrid model

Accessibility expands your attendee base. One major event strategy transforming the future of live events is going hybrid. The show must go on, as that has always been the mantra of the events industry. During the height of the pandemic, virtual events provided many benefits while keeping people connected, allowing organizations a means to continue the conversation of event production and save potential lost revenue while doing so. But virtual events were a much-needed solution, not the end all be all. And times are different now.

The benefits of in-person events over virtual are numerous, but it is important to consider that not everyone is ready or able to join in face-to-face. Many have grown accustomed to the luxury of tuning in from anywhere. In many situations, a remote option is expected by those who have health and safety concerns or if distance is an issue. We must start thinking of this as a plus. Many people are ready to come back in-person, but this new normal allows for those who are not, or can’t, a means to tune in from anywhere in the world, creating no boundaries for your audience. And for those who join onsite, Corporate Meetings can and will prioritize safety concerns by making sure onsite protocols align with health and safety guidelines. Keep your audience’s trust, do your best to keep them safe, and they will return the favor with boundless brand loyalty.

Hybrid events also unlock the unique opportunity to tap into the digital landscape. Keeping up with the times and modernizing your event production capabilities sets a precedent for high standards of efficiency and leadership in your industry for the years ahead. The technological frontier is now—elevate your events in the corporate world for a rapidly adapting future.

The event landscape is always evolving, accompanied by new trends and humanization tactics to build brand loyalty and cultivate experiences. At MCI USA, we specialize in customer service with an emphasis on transforming the ordinary into luxury. We strive to be your experiential marketing partner and position your organization above your competitors, achieving your most specialized goals through the power of human connection and event engagement.

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