How to build hype around your user conference

How To Build Hype Around Your User Conference | MCI United States | EN

July, 19 2022

Your corporate event is coming up and the days of promoting through mail and fliers is costly and at times, not effective. In this digital age, hyping up your event begins with marketing the journey from registration now open to a digital thanks for attending message. Become a leading expert in strategic digital marketing to truly highlight your event and grow your ROIs.

Know your Audience

Digital influencers and marketing teams are running marathons when it comes to connecting attendees to corporate events. You need to know your audience from head to toe to make an impact. As marketers and influencers, you should continuously learn your audience through market research. When capturing data, consider these four segmentations.

  • Demographics – Use this data to capture gender, age, profession, income, and family status. This will define the general population of your audience.  
  • Firmographics – Having a collection of your attendees’ industry/organization, location, size, status/structure, and performance will further define the lifestyle of your audience.
  • Geographics – Knowing where attendees travel from is very insightful, especially when setting up paid ads/posts that allow you to target regions.
  • Psychographics – These psychological components play a major role in market research: opinions, beliefs, attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological criteria.

Tip: Create target personas by understanding your audience’s needs. By identifying their problems and preferences, you will form strategic messages that relate to your event and peak interest.

Strategic timelines streamline Deadlines

Create a strong marketing plan that includes a timeline of when announcements go out. Building hype means creating excitement and a few ways to do that is through deadline dates. Use those dates to develop messages that communicate a sense of urgency, a clear call to action, or general awareness of what is happening. Actively share promotional announcements on time as you are leading up to the event to ensure you meet goals and allow time for your audience to act.

This process will also build excitement for committed attendees and get them talking on your behalf. Word of mouth is by far the best and oldest way to hype a corporate event and all you had to do was strategically promote from the comfort of your laptop.

Tip: Pre-event promotions like early bird registration coming soon or incentive messages are prime subjects to share. For example, there’s nothing like telling members that early bird registration has closed to get them to register at regular price before costs go up at the door.

How to build the Hype!

There are a multitude of ways to promote your event these days, but the most effective practices are the ones you will read below.

Create the Hype:

  • Try something new – don’t be afraid to take chances or switch up an element that is routine.
  • Videos are great and easy to entice your audience.
  • Use videos to cross promote your events.
  • Repurpose videos as a promo ad.
  • Use videos in your video waiting room before a meeting begins.
  • Target your competitor’s events.
  • Most corporate marketers and influencers start promoting either 2-3 months out for smaller events or 4-6 months out for larger events.
  • Search your network/social influencers to help promote – get them talking!
  • Think about who has influence within your industry.
  • Partner with speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees. Provide a marketing kit for these individuals.
  • *Check out our blog on Tips and Tricks for reaching out to Influencers!
  • Targeted Pop-up Ads on your website
  • Specifically promote ads that only popup for individuals that are interested in the event.
  • Promotional Ads
  • Promote your event through various social media platforms through paid ads
  • Not sure where to post your event in the social world, read our Leveraging the right Social Media platform blog.
  • E-mail signature ad
  • Include your event in your e-signature to further promote. This is a subtle way to promote the event.
  • Utilize flash sales and promo codes!
  • Promote ahead!
  • Promote your upcoming event at other internal corporate events or where appropriate.

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