Reaching Out to Influencers: Everything You Always Wanted to Know!

Reaching Out to Influencers: Everything You Always Wanted to Know! | MCI United States | EN

July, 19 2022

By Taylor Garceau

Influencer marketing has completely taken over the advertising industry throughout recent years and continues to help increase credibility for company’s events. Setting up the right influencer campaign can help build hype around your event and increase attendance. To begin the process of identifying influencers, here are some ways to get started:

1.     Finding the right influencer for your event.

Before initially reaching out to influencers, it is important to research competitors and   similar events. Understanding who your audience is engaging with online will help narrow the list of influencers to reach out to. In addition, investigate influencers who have shown previous interest in your company because they will have a greater chance of cultivating proper leads.

As another resource, research in-depth on Google and social media platforms to help find popular public figures by searching:

  • Relevant hashtags
  • Popular podcasts
  • Newsletters
  • Articles

Google is a great resource to create a list of adjectives that best describe your event, then add the word “influencer” at the end to create a custom narrow search for specific influencers. Location tags are great ways to find relevant influencers for your event’s location to help drive more local attendees. Once you have discovered the right influencer(s) for your event, continue to analyze their engagement numbers and insights before initially reaching out to ensure their audience matches your target demographic.

2.     How to properly reach out to an influencer?

To initiate the beginning stages of communication, create a concise and detailed influencer marketing campaign to set full expectations. Before reaching out, follow their accounts and begin showing personal engagement by commenting on and liking their content.

Create a template for a direct message and/or email to quickly provide all details needed to communicate your event’s marketing needs. Examples include:

  • Laying out objectives for the collaboration
  • Informing them of why your event is special for their audience
  • Detailing incentives and benefits for the promotion
  • Proving credibility by providing relevant details on your company Reaching out with clear expectations will help ensure that both parties are on the same page.

3.     Building personal connections with influencers for the future.

Cultivating a relationship with your influencers is key for creating an effective influencer marketing strategy. To initiate the connection, incentives have been highly successful in acquiring influencers, and studies show financial compensation to be the most effective form. Examples of other great incentive ideas include:

  • Gifts
  • Free event tickets
  • Special goody bags
  • VIP access to parts or all of the event
  • Monetary compensation

Create a visually appealing display such as an enticing mood board or brand kit to help generate excitement and communicate with the influencer on how they can properly promote the event both beforehand and in person. Creating strong aesthetics for your event will attract more influencers to attend and capture pictures. Including how influencers will benefit from your event will increase their chances of attending and wanting to connect to your brand. If the influencer does not feel a connection to your event, then they cannot properly advertise to their audience.

Once you have secured your connection to the ideal influencer, send an early invite to this VIP attendee, and let them know of their special invite. Make sure that you have backup influencers on the ready in the event your first-choice influencer cannot attend, allowing ample time to send another invite and receive an RSVP.

Influencers are valuable for lead generation, outreach, revenue growth, and enhancing your event’s marketing strategy. Adapting to the rapidly evolving influencer market will help build brand loyalty and humanization, establishing your event as prominent in its industry’s community for future years to come.  

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