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Meet Our Talents Patricia | MCI United States | EN

November, 19 2021

Patricia Carreon Corporate Event Manager, Strategic Meetings, Events, & Incentives, Dallas Office

1. What’s your job, and what do you do on a day–to–day basis?

I’m an event manager for corporate SEM&I and I’m in charge of the logistical piece of our meetings with business owners. I manage everything from A to Z, so registration, logistics, execution, planning, and tech platforms for several meetings. I figure out what tech platforms work best and work as a consultant for business owners to make sure we’re truly a partner with them. 

We were pretty optimistic in the summer because our business owners are hungry to go back to face-to-face. However, because of the Delta variant, we’re being conservative to make sure we’re looking out for the business owners and the attendees. Most of my meetings across the board are transitioning back to virtual. We’re fortunate that the business owners still see the importance of holding the meeting virtually. 

2. What exciting work on the corporate side should the rest of MCI be aware of? 

We are really going fast and furious with expanding our scope of meetings. In 2020 we were focusing on advisory boards because that was quick and easy, but for 2021 we’re dabbling more with congresses.Now our team is more elevated not just as logistical planners but event producers, and that’s really exciting. Our team hasn’t slowed down as far as meetings go this year, we’re just working in a different and new way, and we want to be masters of our craft. I admire that for my teammates, no job is too small or too big. We are all equal and we’re a stronger team because of it. 

3. Why do you enjoy working at MCI?

I’m really happy to work for MCI. I think the dedication that Tom and Shawn show their employees make me proud to be a part of this organization. I notice it, and our entire department notices it, and that brings us pride. We try to always put our best foot forward because of the dedication that is shown to us. I always feel supported in whatever I’m working on.    

Pre-COVID, I loved to travel and that’s one of the reasons MCI excited me, because we’re a global company. I get to interact with people from Argentina or Toronto or Geneva. It’s great being a part of a global community. 

4. Do you have any hobbies outside of work?

I love my dog, Sidney Jean. We go to the trails and dog park because she’s so active. Living in Dallas is great because we have so many parks to explore, and then there’s also a ton of great restaurants. It’s easy to have new, amazing experiences all the time. 

5. Now that it’s finally fall, what’s your favorite part of the season? 

I absolutely love fall! I’m looking forward to so many things: the Texas State Fair, Halloween, Thanksgiving, sweaters, pumpkin spice nitro brew, and of course football – go Cowboys! Fall is my favorite season. 

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