Mission and Management: How to Engage Volunteer Leaders in Revenue Generation

Mission and Management Webinar | MCI United States | EN

As the fuel for associations to deliver programs and fulfill their missions, a revenue growth strategy is pivotal for any association’s success. And one of the most critical parts of that strategy will be the partnership between association staff and the volunteer leaders – and the role each plays in intentional revenue growth and development.

Watch Carrie Hartin, MCI USA's President of Sales Solutions & Services, and fundraising expert Jenny Teeson, of the International Live Events Association, share four specific ways board members and volunteers can purposefully participate in their association’s revenue growth strategy.

Gain in-depth knowledge on how to:

  • Identify valuable, practicable prospects
  • Conduct meaningful (and successful) outreach
  • Leverage volunteer leaders’ industry expertise
  • Build long-term relationships that continually generate win-win scenario