CORONAVIRUS CASE STUDIES: Powering Donations of Testing Equipment

MCI USA is highlighting how we’re partnering with our clients to respond to COVID-19, from messaging and advocacy to webinars and other content. These are our Coronavirus Case Studies.

The RNA Society is dedicated to the sharing and dissemination of research into ribonucleic acid. Many members work in academic laboratories that are well stocked with equipment that is used to test for coronavirus as well as with the personal protective equipment (PPE) that healthcare providers wear to minimize their exposure to hazards. When one of the RNA Society’s committee chairs realized this, she arranged to donate testing equipment and PPE from her lab to the local public health department and also solicited donations from colleagues.


Upon learning of her efforts, RNA Society staff helped her scale up, creating a one-page online document for members across the country to list equipment and other materials they can donate to their health departments, and working to identify a partner organization that can take the program national. The goal: to increase COVID-19 testing at the local and state levels.


“This is a really fantastic idea [the committee chair] had and it can really make a difference,” said MCI USA talent Alison Teitelbaum, MS, MPH, CAE, who serves as client portfolio manager for the RNA Society, “because there are thousands of labs on university campuses across the country that have RNA test kits, that have reagents, that have PPE. And all of this can really ease the burden on state and local health departments.


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