CORONAVIRUS CASE STUDIES: When Face Time Becomes Quality Time

MCI USA is highlighting how we’re partnering with our clients to respond to COVID-19, from messaging and advocacy to webinars and other content. These are our Coronavirus Case Studies.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) is dedicated to education and training resources for physicians across disciplines looking to advance their skills in cosmetic surgery. Members are small-business owners who perform elective — not essential — medical procedures. As a result, many of them have had to close their offices and in some cases furlough longtime employees because of the coronavirus crisis.

In response, AACS has begun hosting hour-long Zoom meetups for members and nonmembers alike — calling the program AACS Connects. Each meetup is limited to 20 people, with AACS staff facilitating but not leading conversations about what participants are dealing with. AACS hosted two AACS Connects programs the first week and three the second week, and plans to continue at that pace for the foreseeable future. Member response has been tremendous; meetups are fully booked within an hour or two of being advertised.

“This is an unprecedented experience that highlights the need for personal and professional connections in a way that we haven’t needed them before,” said MCI USA talent Colleen Nolan, who serves as AACS’s executive director. “That’s what AACS Connects provides. It lets you still be part of the surgical community no matter where you are and what you’re going through.”


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