MONETIZING YOUR WEBINARS | Part 1: Build Out the Process

With the coronavirus crisis disrupting meetings and events, associations must find other ways to engage their members and generate non-dues revenue. In this four-part series, MCI USA will explain how webinars can help you do both. 

The Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society (RAPS) is the largest global organization serving professionals who work in the regulation of healthcare and related medical products. RAPS offers various content resources for members, and in 2014 engaged MCI USA’s Sales Solutions & Services team to help drive non-dues revenue through advertising. A solid webcast sponsorship program presented an opportunity for revenue growth. 

The first phase of revenue development for RAPS’s webcasts was to offer sponsor-driven webinars — for which sponsors develop the content, vetted in advance by RAPS according to strict parameters to ensure that it is genuine thought leadership as opposed to a sales pitch. MCI USA quickly sold six of these webinars, which were well attended and well received by RAPS members. 

To scale the webcast sales and fulfilment process, MCI USA then worked with RAPS to develop a one-page PDF document that outlines the entire program for sponsors, including content parameters, deliverables such as email promotion and sales leads, and production timeline. This standardized and strengthened the process and, combined with our sales success, gave us leeway to expand RAPS’s sellable webcast inventory, increasing the number of webcasts delivered by 50% in one year. 

Through strategic year-over-year sales and process improvements, MCI USA has grown RAPS’s webinar revenue by 211%. RAPS members have access to additional content, and sponsors are able to contribute to the RAPS community as thought leaders and subject-matter experts.  

“Our sales team has deep experience building and executing sales strategies for webinars and webcasts,” said MCI USA talent Todd Eckman, who serves as sales manager for RAPS. “We’ve enjoyed working with RAPS to take an underdeveloped product and turn it into a revenue generator for the association.” 


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