MONETIZING YOUR WEBINARS | Part 2: Broaden Your Sponsorship Model

With the coronavirus crisis disrupting meetings and events, associations must find other ways to engage their members and generate non-dues revenue. In this four-part series, MCI USA will explain how webinars can help you do both. Read Part 1 here

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) serves theworkplace health and safetyprofession.MCI USA’s Sales Solutions & Services team partners with AIHA to create sponsorship opportunities for the organization’s popular Synergist Webinar programs— a key component of its education platform that is housed under the umbrella of AIHA’s well-respected magazine The Synergist.

MCI USA generates non-dues revenue for AIHA through the sale of sponsored webinars.We havegrown this program to include sponsor-developed content, whichis typically educational in nature and product-agnostic. The goal is to position the sponsor as a topicexpert.

We have had success generating non-dues revenue for AIHA through this traditional webinar sales model, but when we recently noticed that members were interested in better understanding the product offerings vendors were bringing to market, we broadened the model to include a second option: productshowcases called “democasts.” These are fully transparent programs in which sponsors and partners present fact-based demonstrations of their products and services.

MCI USA’s sales work has helped propel the growth of Synergist Webinars and increase AIHA’s sponsored webinar revenue by more than 200%. Webinars are now offered up to twice a month and draw an average of 400 to 500 registrants — all of whomnot only receive valuable content but also become leads for democast sponsors. Meaningful leads are a tangible ROI for sponsors and the type of marketing opportunity companies want to buy, especially with trade shows and other events being canceled due to the pandemic.

Our members are hungry for education, and democasts are another way to provide education,” said MCI USA talent Holly Klarman, an account executive for AIHA. “Yes, they’re an advertisement, but registrants know that upfront. What matters most is that sponsors offer potential solutions that our members find interesting and relevant.Democasts help them do that, and our entire community benefits.”


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