MONETIZING YOUR WEBINARS | Part 3: Fully Leverage Your Platform

With the coronavirus crisis disrupting meetings and events, associations must find other ways to engage their members and generate non-dues revenue. In this three-part series, MCI USA will explain how webinars can help you do both. Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

The American Bar Association (ABA) is dedicated to advancing the rule of law in the United States and beyond by providing education and other resources for legal professionals. MCI USA’s Sales Solutions & Services team has partnered with ABA’s Real Property, Trust, and Estate Law (RPTE) Section to transition sponsorships from an in-person conference to a virtual program powered by ABA’s existing platform for CLE webinars.

MCI USA was already working with ABACLE — ABA’s Continuing Legal Education Group — to develop and grow sponsorship opportunities for live CLE events as well as webinar programs. With the advent of the coronavirus crisis, we helped determine what in-person CLE programs could be transformed into virtual events, including the 2020 RPTE National CLE Conference, which was scheduled for New Orleans in May but has been reimagined as The Virtual Experience 2020 — to be held on the same dates using ABA’s webinar platform.

MCI USA has worked to transfer the in-person event’s existing sponsorships over to The Virtual Experience. Some of them have been straightforward, such as signage and session sponsorships, while others have involved extending sponsor credit for future RPTE events. In some cases, we’ve had to get creative, such as applying sponsorships for the planned opening reception to a happy hour hosted on Zoom. But in the end, MCI USA has maintained 100% of the RPTE National CLE Conference’s sponsorships.

“This is not something that would have happened this quickly if it hadn’t been for the needs of this current marketplace,” said MCI USA talent Jay Blankenship, a sales manager working with ABA and the MCI sales team. “We have great expertise in helping clients gets from Point A to Point B by thinking strategically and operating tactically, and that helped ABA use its webinar platform for something they hadn’t previously considered.”


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