The association collaboration series #2: Agile Governance

The association collaboration series #2: Agile Governance | MCI | Global engagement & marketing agency

February, 09 2022

In a volatile and uncertain world, it’s time for associations to rethink their governance model — and embrace accountability, transparency, and responsiveness.

COVID-19 has forced associations to innovate and transform their events, content, and other engagement experiences for members and customers. But with the longterm economic, political, and societal effects of the crisis still unknown, associations must prepare for even more radical disruption. They must rethink everything — not just their strategic direction, relevance, and business and operating structure, but also their governance model.

While governance is considered part of an association’s bedrock, established in its charter, articles of incorporation, bylaws, or other foundational documents, to succeed and thrive in this new world, associations need to remain agile and embrace change. This can be a daunting task for association boards, who traditionally are risk averse.

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Agile governance is not complicated but it does demand commitment. This paper looks at the importance of informed and effective decision-making, the need for transparency, and the power of vision. Then, an association board can lead with integrity and respond to both challenges and opportunities with foresight and speed.

About the white paper

This paper is one of our Future Proof Association Strategic Transformation series (F.A.S.T.).  To find out more about F.A.S.T and how it can help your association visit

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Erin Fuller

President, Association Solutions MCI USA | Connecting associations & nonprofits with strategies for engagement and value.

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