The association collaboration series #3: Breaking down the collaboration model

The association collaboration series #3: Breaking down the collaboration model | MCI | Global engagement & marketing agency

February, 09 2022

Today’s collaborative user experience demands that your association help volunteers work together in a self-driven, project-specific, technology-enabled environment.

The lifeblood of associations is the collaboration amongst subject matter experts to create content, standards, guidelines, and other critical association resources.  So how has the new virtual working environment enhanced or disabled this process?  Is your association empowering its committees and task forces for optimal output?

Associations that adopt technologies and tools that integrate the latest collaboration standards of user experience are thriving, providing higher value for their leaders, members, and customers and increasing their relevance.



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This paper explores 5 major assumptions that must be adapted to thrive in today’s environment.

It maps out the optimal, new business model for collaboration and the trends that are driving change. Learn from practical examples what it will take for your organisation to adopt an effective virtual practice of collaboration that will help transform your association to thrive.

About the white paper

This paper is one of our Future Proof Association Strategic Transformation series (F.A.S.T.).  To find out more about F.A.S.T and how it can help your association visit

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Kevin Baliozan

MBA, CAE Vice President Association Solutions MCI USA | Association change management expert and innovation visionary



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