The association engagement series #3: Empowering associations through intelligent technologies

Empowering associations through intelligent technologies | MCI | Global engagement & marketing agency

June, 03 2021

The AI-enabled data revolution is transforming the association space — and can take member engagement, workplace efficiency, and user experience to the next level.

In the last decade, digitalised information, behavioural algorithms, and the processing of personal data to gather knowledge have completely revolutionised the way we do business.

Gathering and analysing large datasets, sometimes with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), drives business growth across sectors and allows associations to enhance their member engagement strategy and experience. 

Today members and customers demand customised interaction and personalised offerings. The more personalised the experience, the greater the value and learning, and the higher the engagement.

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Associations can — and must — harness the potential of these highly efficient and valuable technologies.

From better member engagement to enhanced events to bespoke content, the age of data and intelligent technologies offers numerous ways for your association to strengthen its value proposition.

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This paper looks at the three critical areas where associations must use intelligent technologies to enhance their value proposition and revolutionise their effectiveness: member engagement, workplace efficiency, and personalisation of the user experience.

About the white paper

This paper is one of our Future Proof Association Strategic Transformation series (F.A.S.T.). To find out more about F.A.S.T and how it can help your association visit

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tomas dimitrov

tomas dimitrov
Tomas Dimitrov

Senior Account Manager, Logos Public Affairs, an MCI Company. Public affairs expert helping trade associations excel by implementing cutting edge tech solutions.



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