The association revenue generation series #3: Generate leads, drive revenues & extend outreach

The association revenue generation series #3: Generate leads, drive revenues & extend outreach | MCI | Global engagement & marketing agency

November, 03 2021

The evidence is unavoidable: digital users are growing exponentially. But even as the need for digital marketing is clear, some associations are still not convinced.

The impact of the pandemic has made digital marketing more crucial than ever. For many associations, the annual meeting, conference or congress is the prime source of revenues. With the transformation to virtual, and lower participation fees, the need to drive volume is paramount. Simply, digital marketing is key to generating volume.

Through effective digital marketing associations will reach their target audiences, where they are active, and through the channels they use. This requires an integrated strategy to generate leads, convert them into action and, in turn, drive sales.

Associations may recognise this, but many still lack the fundamentals such as technical expertise to implement digital, a holistic strategy, and clear objectives or a sense of ROI.                             


The future of associations will bring more competition, more distractions, and more options for your members and customers. Strategic, impactful digital marketing is how you stay with them — and get them to stay with you.


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This paper unveils what is (and isn’t) digital marketing, common myths, and what digital marketing in action looks like. It provides practical tips and tools to build an optimized e-commerce website, and use efficiently digital advertising, emailers, social media, AI, and EQ.


About the white paper

This paper is one of our Future Proof Association Strategic Transformation series (F.A.S.T.).  To find out more about F.A.S.T and how it can help your association visit

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Panos Zachariadis

Director Marketing & Communications, MCI Brussels. Passionate marketing communications expert with 10 years of experience in digital marketing

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