The association engagement series #2: How to leverage the multiplier effect of components

How to leverage the multiplier effect of components | MCI | Global engagement & marketing agency

May, 27 2021

Chapters, interest groups, and other components are strategic and effective multipliers. They communicate your association’s story, amplify its brand and help engage other members and prospects. How can your association leverage this high touch engagement?

In many ways, components are the secret ingredient for long-term member engagement, creating benefits for both the association and its members and customers.

The impact of COVID-19 has been an opportunity for associations to rethink their strategies and engagement activities. Powered by increasingly robust digital technology, components can use these new strategies and initiatives to further personalise members’ and customers’ connection to the association and its core values and activities.

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The partnership that the association establishes with its components and the strategies that the components enact are an effective way to amplify grass roots engagement.

This paper looks at four strategies to achieve these goals and shares some recommendations to empower your component partners and provide an environment in which they can flourish in both online and offline engagement with members.

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About the white paper

This paper is one of our Future Proof Association Strategic Transformation series (F.A.S.T.). To find out more about F.A.S.T and how it can help your association visit

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Emily Burch

Vice President, Association Solutions. Association executive with a passion for driving engagement and leading enterprise-wide change

Jordan Burghardt

Director, Engagement, Association Solutions. Association leader, passionate about transforming organizations and building engagement

emma adelman

emma adelman
Emma Adelman

Manager, Association Solutions at MCI USA. Driver of stakeholder engagement through delivery of member value and benefit.



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