The association revenue generation series #1: The art & science of revenue generation

The association revenue generation series #1: The art & science of revenue generation | MCI | Global engagement & marketing agency

Does your association have a holistic, integrated revenue strategy? Or are you only targeting industry partners around isolated and non-integrated products? Who is responsible for the revenue strategy for your core user community?

Revenue generation is a commercial activity — like it or not. It is also essential for the health and welfare of any organisation, but many associations fail to develop a clear overarching revenue strategy.

Others do not understand where their profits are coming from — which are the profitable products and programs, and which should be sunset.

To achieve their mission and continually deliver value and relevance to all stakeholders, associations must generate both revenues and profit (margin) and reinvest that profit into value and innovation.

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This paper breaks down the fundamentals of a successful commercial strategy and why associations must develop not only a revenue strategy but also a revenue mindset. 

It provides practical tips and tools for distinguishing sales from account management, devising a win-win revenue strategy to address the core user audience as well as industry partners, and why to invest in a product lifecycle review.

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About the authors

carrie hartin

Carrie Hartin, President Sales Solutions & Services, MCI USA

brittany shoul

Brittany Shoul, Vice President Sales, MCI USA

kavitha prabhu

Kavitha Prabhu, Director Association Management & Consulting, MCI Middle East

About the white paper

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