IN THE LOOP magazine – August 2021

IN THE LOOP magazine August 2021 | MCI | Global engagement & marketing agency

Transformation is everywhere, and so are the opportunities! The last eighteen months have brought massive transformation to the way associations interact with their community and we at MCI have been focused on helping our clients with tomorrow’s solutions.

Our brand refresh earlier this year reflected this shift – we are Tomorrow’s People striving to be one-step ahead of the immediate need.  Welcome to the first print edition of IN THE LOOP (our rebranded FOCUS newsletter) where we share insights on consulting and community solutions, strategic and digital communications, and live and virtual events to help you shape your tomorrow and unleash the power of your community.

The theme of this magazine is about “shaping tomorrow’s associations”.



In this issue, read how many associations have understood the opportunities accelerated by today’s digital reality, what is driving their success, and how MCI has helped them to transform and thrive in tomorrow’s world.