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Seedstars is a global organisation with the mission to impact people's lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship. They invest in people and start-ups and connect stakeholders with changemakers around the world.  

It goes without saying then that their annual Summit holds a strategic importance for the organisation, an opportunity to bring some of the brightest minds from all over the world in one place where they can meet, exchange ideas and celebrate achievements. 

But amid a global pandemic and the related restrictions, gathering hundreds of people in one location was simply impossible. Determined not to let their audience down and deliver the 2020 edition, Seedstars decided to take their face-to-face event to the online world


Seedstars approached Dorier Geneva, MCI’s creative and technical production branch, to fully support them in their virtual transformation.  

When turning a live event into a virtual experience, it is necessary to rethink the event’s concept and format. A digital event is a product in itself that requires a new strategy in terms of production, marketing, and management – all while ensuring brand consistency and an enjoyable experience for the audience. 

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An ad-hoc live platform was created to showcase the Summit. In only 3 weeks, Seedstars and our Dorier team had to design and produce a series of AV content assets that would feed the platform as well as the organisation’s social media channels. These spanned from videos to podcasts and a documentary. Every piece of content was recorded and reworked to provide rhythm, efficiency and relevance to the overall event experience.   

virtual events 

Particular attention was paid to coherently showcase the brand through visuals, sounds and graphics. During the live segments, a Community Manager was available to interact with the audience, while speakers had IT support to make sure all the necessary equipment was up and running.  

The overall event was a success, gathering more than 5k attendees online. For the audience, it was proof that virtual events can be an engaging and interactive experience; while Seedstars took the opportunity to rethink their event and be creative, resulting in a wider reach than ever before. 

"We had only 3 weeks to turn a physical event of more than 1,000 people from all around the world into an online event. With such a short timeline, our collaboration with the team from Dorier was crucial for helping us quickly assess not only what was technically possible, but also what were the best options to reach a perfect result - while helping Seedstars to preserve their brand image. Thanks to their wide range of expertise, we were able to work on many different content formats in parallel, such as 2 hours of TV Magazine Episodes and 30 podcasts, with a great coherence in terms of visual and sound identity, and following the same standards of quality - and all of this on time! The feedback from all of the participants and team was very enthusiastic!"

– Elizabeth Jones, Seedstars Summit Partnership Manager

Have a look at the Seedstars Summit promo video

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