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The European Respiratory Society (ERS) is an international organisation that brings together physicians, healthcare professionals, scientists and other experts working in respiratory medicine. ERS is involved in raising awareness, promoting scientific research and providing access to high-quality educational resources. They are one of the leading medical organisations in the respiratory field, with a growing membership representing over 160 countries. The society was looking for new ways to share knowledge with a higher number of healthcare professionals, without incurring in the costs usually associated with travel, accommodation and registration.

hybrid event


ERS Satellites is a hybrid event that is broadcasted online and held face-to-face every year since 2018. The event takes full advantage of live-streaming technology, which enables the Society to create a comprehensive programme of sessions delivered by experts from multiple hubs across Europe. This way, healthcare professionals can attend at a venue closer to home or join online from anywhere in the world, thus getting access to the high level of educational material usually only available at large international conferences.

Hybrid events require careful planning to effectively engage both live and remote participants. What's more, when an event happens simultaneously in different locations, you want to maintain the same quality standards in all hubs. To achieve this, ERS partnered with Dorier Geneva (MCI’s creative and technical production branch), to design the right event architecture supported by an attendee-centric platform, with maximum interactivity and enhanced user experience. 

A webcast and multiplex technology allowed to have a dedicated, branded, secured online platform and to connect multiple locations in-real time. Engagement levels were maintained high for the remote audience thanks to quizzes, polls and Q&As featured on the platform. Behind the scenes, our team took care of full production management before and during the event, ensuring a seamless and enriched experience to all involved – speakers, in-person delegates and remote attendees. 

hybrid event

hybrid event

“We have been working with Dorier as our chosen partner for the provision of live streaming services in support of our hybrid event ERS Satellites since 2018. We are now working towards the third incarnation of ERS Satellites and it is hard to see how we would be able to continue to progress and achieve the standards we have enjoyed to date without their continued input and support. A truly professional, reliable supplier with a friendly and understanding approach to helping us achieve our goals and share our materials with a huge global audience of healthcare professionals.”

– Steve Sealy, Marketing & Corporate Relations Director, European Respiratory Society

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