Maximising content reach with communication platforms


MCI has been delivering successful solutions for an International Healthcare Association and its annual congress since 1998. Over 13 congresses later, MCI’s relationship with the association has evolved to long-term strategic partner. Today, MCI helps the association face a number of challenges including; healthcare compliance, new technologies and communication channels and increasing revenue and content reach


Early insights into potential risks and opportunities, working closely with the association’s leadership to ensure the financial stability and reputation of its congress. Successfully helping the association grow its annual congress through unparalleled international networks and unique delegate building and activation tools. Ensuring that the association is not placed under financial or organization strain by successfully managing the budget and staffing during key periods. By providing the association with key insights and expert knowledge in digitization and social media, they have been able to keep ahead of the game and also embrace new media and innovative communication channels.


  • 20,000+ Rheumatologists and other health care professionals reached by innovative content and online courses (in 2013)


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