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ARIIX, a global leader in network marketing and direct selling, briefed MCI Ireland to create three bespoke events: The ARIIX Awards EMEA 2020, The ARIIX Winners Incentive Trip, and also the ARIIX Live Event. The Awards Ceremony was centred on recognising and rewarding over 500 ARIIX representatives, and the incentive program was an exclusive gathering of the top 30 ARIIX representatives in Dublin.

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ARIIX Live was a sales-driven conference where a new skincare product range was launched, and a wide array of speakers and founders delivered key messaging and motivation for Q4 sales to the European and Global ARIIX family.

The initial plan was to host two hybrid events, the first being the Awards event where speakers and presenters would go live online to an audience of over 6,500 attendees whilst having 50 VIPs and Award winners attend in-person. With the ever-changing guidelines and regulations around Covid-19 in Ireland, the brief changed significantly one week out from the first event, and MCI Ireland had to find a new solution quickly.

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MCI Ireland chose the high-tech studio in Dublin as the venue for both hybrid events. The economies of scale of hosting back-to-back events at this facility meant the client maximised the budget spend and could invest more in content and entertainment. A custom-built marquee VIP Lounge reminiscent of the Team Lounge at the Eurovision Song Contest was to be built adjacent to the studio to afford guests a true VIP event experience. With little over a week to go to the start of the first event, government regulations changed and dictated that no more than six attendees could gather for an event in Ireland. With 50 VIP’s and Award winners now prevented from travelling to the country, MCI Ireland quickly sourced and designed two additional studio and hospitality spaces in Rome and Nice.

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Thus live attendees were spread across Ireland, Italy and France, which let the team ensure their experience. MCI Ireland added an additional studio space for entertainment, a live studio audience and video links developed in Dublin to both the French and Italian studios to provide the client with additional live spaces and digital backgrounds.

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The second event ARIIX Live followed three days later and attracted 9,800 attendees. The entire production for the two hybrid events was managed out of Dublin with top-class entertainment, custom curated content, motion graphics and video inserts produced by the team to support the overall look and feel. Both the ARIIX Awards & ARIIX Live events needed to have a glitzy, high energy feel with outstanding production values. The team took a traditional ZOOM Webinar and transformed it into a Live TV Broadcast, making both an awards show and sales-focused event an experience to remember. 

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With the new restrictions in place in Ireland, ARIIX had to quick re-adapt and find new solutions to deliver a fun, engaging and dynamic content to our EMEA Market. A challenging and rewarding experience that was only possible due to the outstanding support from MCI who immediately assisted on sourcing 2 additional studios associated with 2 incentive trips in Rome and Nice, with only 7 days prior the event. 

Since the first contact, Ronan, Laura and the entire team have been great to work with. The team is very professional, organised, flexible, creative – and quick!

Together, we delivered 2 Hybrid Events within 3 Simultaneous Studios in 8 Languages for a total of 16,300+ attendees and over 411,800 total people reached on Facebook in 24 hours. The event was a success not only in our market – but a reference to be followed through all our ARIIX hybrid events worldwide.

We are extremely grateful that MCI came together to make this successful event, and we recognize the effort and sacrifices through many late nights, weekends and early mornings. We know this was a lot of pressure, and a lot of last minute changes due to the new restrictions — but you all handled it like the detail-oriented professionals you are.

Thank you so much! Looking forward to our future projects together.

- Clients Feedback

The ARIIX Awards EMEA 2020 Highlights