Web-Based Factory of the Future Virtual Reality


Bosch Rexroth supports machinery and plant engineering efforts around the world with its cutting-edge technology and unique industry knowledge. At the Hanover Fair 2020, the engineering company was scheduled to present its entire product portfolio for Mobile Applications, Machinery Applications and Engineering, together with Factory Automation.

This included solutions for the “Factory of the Future” (FotF): the vision of a modular, sustainable and networked manufacturing process that adapts flexibly to companies’ individual needs. The 1350 square metres stand, completely designed by MCI Germany, was to show an exemplary future production line and the vision of the FotF on a 100 square metres special area with 15 exhibits. For this purpose, our team ideated a real-time VR solution that created a realistic representation of the entire use case to be experienced first-hand by booth visitors. 

When the Hanover Fair was cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Bosch Rexroth turned to MCI Germany to ensure the project’s continuity despite not being able to showcase it live. 

vr application

vr application


Within a short time, Rexroth and MCI worked together to transform the already programmed VR showcase into a WebGL version – a purely virtual, interactive web application. This way, the core elements of the FotF’s exhibit could be maintained in the online space. Thanks to the browser-based product, users could still experience all the product’s features and benefits in a tangible and playful way. 

By shifting to digital, Rexroth was able to include the virtual factory experience into their online campaign “We Keep Moving”, a platform featuring tech talks, vlogs and blogs about offered solutions. The FotF digital experience became an integral part of the marketing campaign aimed to attract Rexroth’s key target audience. 

Click here and scroll down at the bottom of the page to experience first-hand the virtual Factory of the Future.