Data & Analytics

There’s so much information in the world today that it’s easy to feel like you know everything and understand nothing. But there’s good news.

Data and analytics cut across everything you do — meaning you’re already collecting more information than you need about your members, customers, attendees, and partners than you’ll ever need. The key is to know how to harness the power of this data.

Focus on quality, not quantity

MCI brings technical expertise and nuanced perspective to data and analytics. We work with predictive models and other data-mining techniques, conduct market research and surveys, and quantify ROI. We stay on top of security and regulatory requirements to ensure that impact is achieved through compliance.


  • Event Impact and Measurement
  • Membership Analysis
  • Data Management
  • Lead Management
  • Strategic Sourcing


  • Market Research
  • Predictive Models
  • Dashboards
  • Surveys

Want to learn what your data can do for you?