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How MCI Switzerland helped ECW raise over $800 Million in high-level financing conference

ClientEducation Cannot Wait

OfficeMCI Switzerland


Education Cannot Wait (ECW) is a global fund that strives to provide education to children in crisis situations. To raise funds for its mission, ECW organized a High-Level Financing Conference, held at the CICG in Geneva, and engaged the services of MCI, a renowned event agency, to plan and manage the conference.​

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Despite facing tight timelines, complex logistics, and coordination with multiple stakeholders with differing agendas, MCI developed a comprehensive plan to overcome these challenges. They deployed experienced event professionals, recognized the importance of effective communication, collaboration, flexibility, attention to detail, and stakeholder management, and worked closely with ECW and other stakeholders to ensure that every aspect of the conference was executed to perfection.​

Thanks to the meticulous planning and execution by the MCI team, the High-Level Financing Conference was a tremendous success, with over 800 participants, including high-profile government officials. The conference raised over $800 million in funding, exceeding ECW's target, and demonstrating the importance of effective project management, collaboration, and attention to detail.​

This case study showcases MCI's capabilities in providing a range of internal services, including project management, content creation, audio-visual production, speaker coaching, stage management, diversity inclusion implementation, security, and protocol coordination.



Education Cannot Wait (ECW) is an NGO that aims to provide education to children affected by crisis. End of last year, MCI was hired by ECW to organize their High-Level Financing Conference at the CICG in Geneva. The conference aimed to raise funds to help ECW achieve their 4-year plan. The event brought together a variety of stakeholders, including government officials, philanthropists, and private sector representatives.​

MCI Objective:

Position MCI as a leading agency and showcase all our internal services, including Project Management, Content Creation, Audio Visual Production, Speaker Coaching, Stage Management, Diversity Inclusion Implementation, Security and Protocol coordination.​


The MCI team faced several challenges while organizing the conference, including tight timelines, complex logistics, and the need to coordinate with multiple stakeholders with differing agendas.​


MCI developed a comprehensive plan to overcome these challenges, including a detailed project timeline, careful stakeholder management, and the deployment of experienced event professionals with expertise in diverse areas.​


The conference was a resounding success, with over 800 participants in attendance, including high-profile government officials such as Gordon Brown and Ignazio Cassis and others. The conference raised over $800 million in funding, exceeding ECW's target.





Raised in funding exceeding ECW's target




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