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Consulting services to grow revenues, transform your organizational model and educate audiences. 

We spot your ongoing business challenges and create specific solutions for them. We analyze your data to provide insights, financial growth, sustainability integration, governance, and digital transformation.


Key Services

Revenue Generation

Generating non-dues revenue for associations through advertising, partnerships, sponsorships, exhibits, and media. Read more

Community Growth

Developing community-building strategies and community engagement tactics to boost interactions, drive interest, and increase visibility.

Strategy & Business Planning

Gathering and interpreting market data, exploring customer insights, and developing strategic and operational plans to ensure relevant results.

Governance Structure

Rethinking the governance model to improve decision making, drive engagement and maintain the strategic direction while anticipating and driving change.

Global Market Expansion

Gathering market intelligence to identify and prioritize opportunities, develop relevant products and services, as well as a business plan to build community and optimize your go-to-market strategy.

Data Analytics & Benchmarking

Gathering and analyzing industry data insights, event marketing data and member behavior to redefine the value proposition, plan activities, and improve member experience.

Instructional Educational Design

Designing innovative and creative educational program strategies to create meaningful engagement online and offline.

Public Affairs & Advocacy

Providing advocacy, coalition building, and communication consultancy to steer alliances, activate communities and engage with policymakers.

Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion Integration

Actively advising and providing solutions aligned with your sustainability commitments, business objectives and attendees’ needs and expectations.
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Other services

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