The power of people united in purpose is unstoppable

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We are a global engagement and marketing agency that creates human-centric touchpoints that unleash the power of people to deliver innovation and growth.

Firm believers in the power of building community since 1987, we are helping brands, associations and not-for-profit organisations solve their key people challenges through our core expertise:

Live & virtual events
Strategic & digital communications
Consulting & community solutions 

We are an independently owned agency, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, with a global presence of 60 offices in 31 countries.



We actively use our skills, voice and relationships to make a positive impact on our world.

Always remembering our responsibility for giving back and protecting our planet, always reinforcing the value of human relationships and connectedness – for our clients, our talents, and our communities.

Our commitments:

  • To an ethical business culture
  • To sustainable working environments
  • To technology as a driver of sustainability
  • To the wellbeing of each individual
  • To strong industry collaborations
  • To giving back to our communities
  • To more sustainable events for our clients
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Company | MCI Canada | EN

Sebastien Tondeur, CEO

"At MCI we foster a culture that drives us to deliver innovation and growth for our clients. We’re a global team of energetic and talented people who turn challenges into opportunities. We partner with clients to provide our expertise on how to engage and bring people together through live and digital experiences."

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Company | MCI Canada | EN

In 31 countries, our influence is global.  

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