MCI USA is highlighting how we’re partnering with our clients to respond to COVID-19, from messaging and advocacy to webinars and other content. These are our Coronavirus Case Studies.

The Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC) is an interdisciplinary organization that focuses on education, public policy, and the application of evidence-based wound care practice. Members include physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals.

At the outset of the coronavirus crisis, wound care was categorized as nonessential. AAWC responded by creating a COVID-19 task force to lead advocacy efforts aimed at convincing government agencies and hospitals that wound care is essential. The task force also spearheads the development of education materials and other resources, including weekly webinars on topics related to coronavirus and wound care. All of these materials are open to AAWC members and nonmembers alike.

“As an interdisciplinary group, we’re the only ones in the wound care space who can address COVID-19 in a way that brings everyone together,” said MCI USA talent Jonathan Gilad, MPS, who serves as AAWC’s executive director. “Many of our members are associated with other organizations that are more specific to their practice, so we needed to show them why we are here.”


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