Digital & Influencer Marketing

Digital & Influencer Marketing

Human connections: digital solutions 

In a crowded digital world, organizations are competing for people’s attention. We deliver personalized engagement experiences, using technologies to broaden your reach.

We equip you with results-driven marketing strategies that connect you to your target audience, capture valuable insights, and create positive business impact.

Our designers take care of the planning, instructional design and spatial architecture, as well as online messaging and learning experience to ensure your audience benefits from an immersive and meaningful event.

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Key Services

Digital Engagement Strategies 

Using a digital engagement framework to help you systematically engage your audiences to maximize their experience and your organizational value.

Digital Marketing & Advertising 

A driving force to build your brand and create a community of engaged audiences. Leveraging social media platforms and omnichannel tactics to deliver your key messages.

Social Media & Influencer Marketing

Using social media and influencers to help you build profile and achieve the best platform engagement.

Digital Design & Spatial Architecture 

Embedding digital and spatial architecture to your communication concepts for your audiences to benefit from multiple ways to connect with your brand and communities.

Augmented & Mixed Reality Creative 

Through custom design, we craft creative concepts integrating 3D, UX and digital technologies to help people transform to the world of digital reality.

Website, Platform & App Development 

Ensuring your brand and content leverages mobile, website, and app platform integration to engage visitors and prioritize responsive interactions.
01 Prudential


Spark customer engagement through interactive digital training & seminar event series

02 Ubisoft


Changing the game in influencer marketing with Ubisoft

03 SAP


Innovative AR solution generates leads & buzz for SAP

Other services

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