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Infinity Gates: an immersive experience of a varied portfolio of services

ClientBosch Rexroth AG

OfficeMCI Germany

LocationUlm, Germany

An innovative presentation environment as a showcase for modern industry 

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The 'CU.BE' at Bosch Rexroth's Customer and Innovation Centre in Ulm is the place where everything revolves around researching technologies, making use of cross-divisional know-how and finding the best ways to create innovative solutions with real CUstomer BEnefits. In order to make these intuitively accessible, we have designed an interactive experience and have created hybrid showcases that give innovation a home. 


Easy access to a diverse portfolio of products 

With innovative technology and entertaining micro-stories, visitors to the CU.BE immerse themselves in the world of Bosch Rexroth and individually discover the topics and benefits relevant to them. As a virtual window that can be expanded, the so-called 'Infinity Gates' offer endless opportunities and allow visitors to glimpse into the world of Bosch Rexroth, in which the core messages and additional benefits are clearly defined. 



As a leading supplier of control and drive technology, Bosch Rexroth offers a diverse portfolio of products and solutions that can be experienced under the motto 'One Bosch Rexroth'. 

How is it possible to present the diverse portfolio of different business units in a unified manner? How can cross-functional and digital relationships be presented? And how can this become a personalized and memorable experience for the viewer? 

We have taken on this task in close cooperation with Bosch Rexroth and our partner raumHOCH. 



With the so-called Infinity Gates, we have added a digital component to the physical exhibition. At giant media portals, visitors are literally immersed into the world of Bosch Rexroth and can explore all dimensions of the company in a virtual way. 

The innovative and intuitive control by means of gestures not only illustrates Bosch Rexroth's high-tech claim. It rather enables an entertaining and individual exploration of the specially developed micro-stories. 

In line with the 'One Bosch Rexroth' approach, the company's mission and history were also integrated into the overall storyline and the virtual world alongside the current service portfolio of all technology areas. 

This allows visitors to discover the topics and benefits relevant to them, depending on their interests, and to be inspired by Bosch Rexroth solutions. 

Visitors are in charge of the pace, topic and level of detail of their journey themselves, and the virtual guide explains all the necessary instructions and details about the content. 



The entire portfolio can be experienced quickly and in an entertaining way based on individual interest. ‘Invisible' and previously unknown innovations and advantages of Bosch Rexroth become tangible. State-of-the-art technology emphasises the aspiration of high-tech industrial solutions. 

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