Beyond Ourselves: Creating a Lasting Impact Through the 10th World Glaucoma Congress

ClientWorld Glaucoma Association

OfficeMCI The Netherlands

LocationRome, Italy

3100+ participants from over 100 countries joined for a 4-day program with 280 speakers, 80+ sessions, and various activities, all housed within the iconic La Nuvola Convention Center. 

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Our core belief is that it's not about us, but the people we serve. We're driven by our passion for delivering events that leave a lasting impact on individuals, communities, and industries. The 10th World Glaucoma Congress in Rome was a testament to these beliefs. From logistics and graphic design to delegate management, registration, and program coordination, we embraced a full-service approach to create an experience to inspire and drive progress in the field of glaucoma. 

The Purpose 

Our goal was to bring together industry experts from across the globe for a 4-day program to connect, collaborate, and learn from one another while celebrating the 10th anniversary of the World Glaucoma Congress. 

The Process 

Delegate Management and Registration: We used an intuitive online platform that facilitated smooth registration and secure payments while assisting each participant with any questions or concerns in the weeks leading up to the Congress.  

Setting the Stage: The magic of an event is elevated by its surroundings, which is why The World Glaucoma Congress found its stage in the heart of Rome, where ancient history and modern innovation intertwine. Hosting the World Glaucoma Congress at the iconic La Nuvola Convention Center was a bold choice that resonated with our vision of embracing creativity and pushing boundaries. From its breathtaking architecture to its state-of-the-art facilities, La Nuvola created an immersive environment that allowed participants to fully engage with the Congress. 


Every aspect of the event, from the congress logo to promotional materials and digital assets, played a vital role in creating a cohesive and immersive experience. Branding elements included: 

Designing a compelling logo that represents the spirit of The World Glaucoma Association while tying in Italy's culture. 

Brochures, posters, and banners that were displayed throughout the venue and at The World Glaucoma booth. 

Integrating branding with strong graphic designs helped establish a strong identity for the 10th World Glaucoma Congress. It fostered a sense of anticipation and excitement before the Congress, drawing in a global audience of healthcare professionals, researchers, and industry stakeholders.  

The Days Of 

Curating an extensive program with 280 speakers and 80+ sessions required an in-depth understanding of the field and collaboration with leading experts. Our team worked closely with the World Glaucoma Association to ensure a diverse and enriching program.  

Over four days, the event featured plenary sessions, symposiums, courses, wetlabs for hands-on learning, a film festival, opening ceremony, receptions, poster presentations, and an expo. We were thrilled to receive a record number of abstract submissions and ICO societies symposiums, reflecting the enthusiasm and eagerness of participants to contribute to this edition. It was a true celebration of the global glaucoma community coming together. And, of course, every event should be complete with food and fun; the celebratory event included the President's dinner, an after-hours party, and a congress dinner.  

Film Festival: Including a glaucoma-related film festival was a creative way to engage attendees emotionally and highlight the disease's impact on a global scale. The films showcased personal stories, medical advancements, and the challenges faced by individuals affected by glaucoma.  

Poster Presentations and Expo: Participants had the opportunity to present their research, scientific findings, and innovative solutions throughout the 4 days by showcasing their posters and having a timeslot for Q&As. At the same time, the expo encouraged industry partners to demonstrate their cutting-edge technologies, advancements, and initiatives in glaucoma care. 

10th Anniversary Celebration: Marking the 10th anniversary of the World Glaucoma Congress was an opportunity to celebrate the association's achievements and honor the visionaries who paved the way. The opening ceremonies and welcome reception set the tone, creating an atmosphere of vibrancy and collaboration. Perhaps the most extraordinary moment was the 10th World Glaucoma Congress plenary, which brought together the current and past 10 WGA presidents on stage. This gathering symbolized the legacy of leadership and served as a beacon of hope for the next chapter of glaucoma advancements. 

The President's dinner and Congress dinner were unforgettable highlights that left a lasting impression on all in attendance. Live music performances filled the air, laughter echoed through the venue, and attendees enjoyed the photo booths and Italian cuisine while forming bonds beyond the walls of the congress. 


3100+ participants from over 100 countries joined for a 4-day program with 280 speakers, 80+ sessions, and various activities, all housed within the iconic La Nuvola Convention Center. The collective efforts of the World Glaucoma Association, our agency, and all stakeholders involved made this Congress a resounding success. The 10th World Glaucoma Congress in Rome exemplified the essence of our core beliefs, serving as a testament to the meaningful outcomes that can be achieved through passion, dedication, and a vision that extends beyond ourselves.