American Correctional Association Selects MCI USA for Registration & Lead Retrieval Partnership

American Correctional Association Selects MCI USA for Registration & Lead Retrieval Partnership


Dallas, TX, USA, Jan. 4, 2024. MCI USA’s convention division has partnered with the American Correctional Association (ACA) to provide registration and lead retrieval services for its 2024 Winter Conference and Congress of Correction events. Founded in 1870, the ACA is the world's oldest and largest non-profit trade association and accrediting body for the corrections industry. With a rich history in U.S. prison reform, ACA remains a pivotal force in shaping industry standards and practices.

“We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey of collaboration with the American Correctional Association for registration and lead retrieval services across both events, hosting two impactful shows each year over the next three years,” said Chris Williams, SVP, Registration & Housing, MCI USA. “This partnership underscores our commitment to enhancing the attendee experience and facilitating seamless interactions using our OneSystem Plus platform, ensuring that each event leaves a lasting impression on participants in the corrections industry.”

ACA's Winter Conference and Congress of Correction stand out as industry-leading events, drawing the highest attendance. These conventions provide a unique platform for thousands of corrections professionals and exhibitors to engage personally.

With hundreds of workshops, meetings and events, attendees gain valuable education and networking opportunities, working toward professional certification and acquiring insights for daily tasks. The Commission on Accreditation conducts panel hearings, accrediting various correctional facilities, and the conferences boast an extensive exhibit hall, allowing interaction with numerous industry companies. Unmatched in variety, these conferences offer unparalleled opportunities for learning, professional growth and peer networking in the corrections profession worldwide.

For over 30 years, MCI USA’s convention division has been providing registration, housing, lead cultivation, and business intelligence solutions to events of all sizes and complexity around the world. MCI’s registration and housing services are powered by OneSystem Plus, the industry’s most complete and customizable registration and housing platform.

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For more information, contact:  
Chris Williams
Senior Vice President, Registration & Housing
+1 972.349.7809


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