School Nutrition Association sets the stage for growth through advertising sales strategy transformation

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School Nutrition Association sets the stage for growth through advertising sales strategy transformation

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The School Nutrition Association (SNA) represents the interests of nearly 50,000 professionals through its mission to advance the accessibility, quality and integrity of school nutrition programs across the country. When planning toward long-term growth, SNA recognized the need to maximize the revenue potential of its print and digital product lines. The organization’s print advertising revenue had been declining, prompting an increase in focus on digital opportunities. In addition, sales efforts for print and digital products were managed by various team members, which sometimes presented a challenge for advertisers.

“To ensure the continued viability of our association and enhance our member experience, we recognized the need to shift our focus to digital. Expanding our digital portfolio became a priority,” says Danielle Duran Baron, SNA vice president of marketing, communications and industry relations. “This involved not only creating new digital products but also revamping existing ones to align them with our brand. For these reasons, it was imperative we find a partner who possessed the expertise required for executing our digital-focused vision, while sharing our organization’s mission and values.”

In November 2022, SNA partnered with MCI USA to manage its advertising sales strategy and lead product development and growth, thanks to MCI USA’s proven track record in association sales transformation, as well as its ability to provide strategic partnership.

MCI USA deployed a dedicated sales team to develop and execute a clear advertising strategy, implement a streamlined sales process for the print and digital product lines, and identify areas for digital growth and product development. This has led to SNA being able to launch products such as sponsored recipes, which will help grow digital ad revenue by approximately $50,000. Furthermore, MCI USA added value by providing operational marketing and accounting support, which included interactive media kit development, advertising fulfillment, invoicing and collections.

The partnership has yielded strong results so far. In addition to the expected revenue from the new opportunities, applying MCI USA’s sales strategy has delivered more than $1 million in print and digital advertising revenue, with growth planned for 2024.

“MCI USA has brought a wealth of expertise, not just in the association realm, but also in the broader digital landscape,” Duran Baron says. “They serve not only as our ad sales partner but also as our creative collaborator. They've introduced fresh perspectives and best practices, assisting us in crafting strategies to enhance client service and boost association revenue.”

For SNA, a well-structured advertising sales approach and the drive to create new innovative offerings in partnership with MCI USA have played pivotal roles in driving revenue growth and setting the foundation for long-term success.