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Jump-starting membership growth through strategic application of an AMS

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An emerging medical association looked to MCI USA to take its organization to the next level. A transition assessment showed that the membership structure was a good fit for the Association Management System (AMS) platform in which we specialize. Organizational memberships were processed manually, leading to inaccurate reporting and an ineffective pipeline of future members. Strategic application of the AMS allowed us to immediately replace inefficiencies with automated solutions that freed up valuable staff and volunteer time, while automatic and invoice-less renewal allowed the organization to shift resources to member recruitment. Our report templates and integrated online sign-up forms provided the board with a more accurate picture of the association’s engagement health. After its first year with us, the association was enjoying an automated and sustainable pathway for students to advance to full dues-paying members, allowing the organization to make informed decisions while taking new risks to further its mission.  




increase in dues-paying members


increase in dues revenue generated


participation in automatic renewal