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2024 Consumer behaviour trends: where humans, tech and experiences collide


Explore key consumer trends shaping 2024 marketing: Community focus, human-centred tech, redefined value, AI's role and the "reconnection renaissance". 


The landscape of consumer behaviour is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by evolving human values, technological advancements and a yearning for authentic connection. Marketers in 2024 need to be adept at navigating this dynamic environment, prioritising human-centricity while embracing technology ethically and creating meaningful experiences. 

Understanding the evolving consumer 

One of the most significant trends is the rise of micro and macro communities, as highlighted by Oscar Cerezales, Chief Strategy Officer of MCI. Consumers are increasingly identifying with and seeking connection within these groups, presenting a unique opportunity for brands to engage with them on a deeper level.  

Sylvia Andre, Chief Marketing Officer at MCI, emphasises the importance of "creativity and ideation" in crafting unique and compelling experiences that cater to these specific communities. “Creativity and ideation are essential for brands to differentiate themselves in today`s competitive landscape,” she says. 

Technology, while becoming increasingly integrated into daily life, is being shaped by human needs and preferences, as Sylvia observes. This could lead to a renewed appreciation for human skills such as empathy, creativity, and interpersonal communication, as Erin Fuller, Chief Strategy Officer for MCI USA, suggests. However, she cautions against relying solely on technology, advocating for human-centred design that leverages AI as a tool to enhance, not replace, human interaction. 

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Redefining value and prioritising sustainability 

Consumers are re-evaluating their priorities and aligning themselves with brands that share their values, as Ana Robalo, COO of MCI Brazil, explains. “Marketers need to understand these changing priorities and values and align the corporation's message and offers accordingly, emphasising the values and benefits of their products or services, rather than just the features.” This necessitates a shift from solely selling products and services to offering meaningful experiences that resonate with consumers' ethical and environmental concerns. 

Transparency and authenticity are crucial in this regard. Consumers are increasingly demanding that brands demonstrate their commitment to sustainability through concrete actions, not just empty promises. Ana highlights that corporations need to implement sustainable practices and communicate their efforts transparently to build trust and credibility. 

The power of human connection and collaborative optimism 

In a world saturated with digital communication, consumers crave genuine human connection and meaningful relationships. Sylvia notes this growing desire for "real-world connections and experiences". This presents a significant opportunity for marketers to create engaging and memorable experiences that foster real-world connection and emotional engagement. 

Furthermore, as Ana suggests, collaborative optimism is emerging as a key trend. Brands are increasingly partnering with consumers to co-create products, services, and initiatives that contribute to a better future. This collaborative approach fosters a sense of shared purpose and empowers consumers to become active participants in shaping the brands they engage with. 

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The marriage of human creativity and technology 

Consumers are exploring their own creativity with the help of Artificial Intelligence. While AI and other technologies offer immense potential, we should not underestimate the importance of “real intelligence”, which encompasses human emotion, experience and the ability to spark unexpected connections and ideas. AI can be used to collect data but that data is best interpreted and leveraged by humans with the creativity and real-world experience to find and implement the solutions that audiences and customers are seeking. 

The road ahead for engagement marketers 

2024 presents a unique opportunity for engagement marketers to leverage these consumer behaviour trends and create impactful experiences. By prioritising human-centricity, embracing technology and fostering collaboration, marketers can build on the current consumer behaviour trends to forge stronger relationships with audiences and contribute to a more meaningful future.  

As Sylvia concludes, "Many brands are increasingly engaging with their key audiences in co-creation processes, seeking their input and involvement... This collaborative approach fosters a sense of shared purpose and optimism about the future."

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The new challenge  

Oscar Cerezales points out, consumers' behaviour is increasingly driven by a desire for dopamine hits. This presents a challenge for marketers, who must strive to create experiences that are not only engaging but also meaningful, rewarding and purpose-driven

In this context, the concept of omnichannel marketing becomes even more critical. As Oscar highlights, "O2O2O (online to offline to online …) is a definite behaviour trend0", requiring marketers to seamlessly integrate online and offline touchpoints to provide a cohesive and consistent customer journey. 

Ultimately, success in 2024 and beyond will hinge on the ability of marketers to strike a harmonious balance between human creativity and technological innovation, prioritise authenticity and transparency, and foster meaningful connections with consumers who are increasingly seeking purpose and shared values. By embracing these behaviour trends and adapting their strategies accordingly, marketers can create a future where brands and consumers thrive together. 


MCI has always said that the power of people united in purpose is unstoppable. Our clients and their customers are at the heart of it all. We understand their evolving needs, aspirations and the behaviours these provoke, and respond with creativity, authenticity and a commitment to shared values. This is how MCI forges deeper connections and builds lasting success for our partners. 


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Sylvia André - Chief Creativity Officer, mci group
Oscar Cerezales - MCI Chief Strategy Officer
Ana Robalo - COO, MCI Brazil 
Erin Fuller - Chief Strategy Officer, MCI USA