Creating a connected community: How to make your association's publications more member-centric


Harnessing the power of a community is key to elevating an association’s publications. By promoting active member engagement and featuring their contributions, the association not only generates authentic, relatable content but also fosters a deeper connection with its audience. The following tips provide a roadmap for making your association’s publications more member-centric, weaving in stories of success, collaboration, recognition, and much more. 

1. Member Spotlight: Dedicate a section of the magazine to feature in-depth member profiles. Include a brief biography, accomplishments, contributions to the industry or profession, and any notable projects or initiatives they have undertaken. 

2. Success Stories: Share success stories of members who have achieved significant milestones or overcome challenges. Highlight their journey, lessons learned, and the impact they have made in their field – and then take the opportunity to tie that back to the association – connections, learnings, etc. 

3. Member Interviews: Conduct interviews with members who have unique perspectives, expertise, or experiences. Ask them thought-provoking questions related to their career, industry trends, or relevant topics. This provides valuable insights and promotes knowledge sharing. 

4. Member Contributions: Encourage members to contribute articles, opinion pieces, or case studies that demonstrate their expertise or address current issues in the industry. Feature selected member submissions in each edition of the magazine. 

5. Awards and Recognitions: Showcase members who have received awards, honors, or recognitions within the industry or profession. Highlight their achievements and the significance of the recognition. 

6. Member Collaborations: Highlight examples of successful collaborations among association members. Showcase joint projects, partnerships, or initiatives that have made a positive impact or brought innovation to the industry. 

7. Member Milestones: Recognize and celebrate member milestones such as career anniversaries, significant professional achievements, or reaching notable benchmarks within their profession. This showcases the growth and development of members within the association. 

8. Member Testimonials: Include testimonials or quotes from members expressing their satisfaction, benefits gained, or positive experiences with the association. These testimonials can provide social proof and encourage others to engage with the association. 

9. Member-generated Content: Provide a platform for members to share their expertise through columns, how-to guides, or industry insights. This allows members to contribute directly to the magazine's content and positions them as valuable resources for fellow members. 

10. Member Events and Activities: Highlight events, conferences, workshops, or initiatives organized or led by members. Showcase the impact and value these activities bring to the association's community. 

11. Volunteer and Leadership Spotlights: Recognize members who actively contribute to the association through volunteering or holding leadership positions. Highlight their dedication, involvement, and the positive influence they have on the association and its members. 

Implementing these member-centric tips in your association's publications will pave the way for a stronger community, foster a deeper sense of belonging among members, and spotlight the remarkable contributions within your association. By interweaving your members' stories, achievements, and insights into your content, you enhance the value of your publications while simultaneously celebrating your members' individual and collective successes. In doing so, you make each publication not just a source of information, but a testament to the vibrant, engaging, and resourceful community that defines your association.