MCI Suisse SA obtains ISO 27001 + ISO 27701 certifications


Geneva 18.04.2023. mci group, a shared services platform for marketing innovation and breakthrough communication, announces that MCI Suisse SA became one of the first companies in Switzerland that have been assessed and found to meet the requirements of ISO 27001 + ISO 27701 on Information Security and Data Privacy to enhance information protection for its clients.  


These certifications prove that mci group provides the highest international data privacy and security standards and has an effective security strategy protecting sensitive and critical information for customers. It is another step in strengthening the company’s commitment to data privacy, security, and compliance. With the increased number of projects organised in hybrid and online formats, reassurance and transparency regarding the data that organisations collect, and process are essential. The rigorous qualifications and intensive processes undertaken to achieve ISO 27001 + ISO 27701 accreditation prove that data security and privacy are paramount to the mci group and reinforce the group’s commitment to customers and data subjects. 


ISO 27001 is an international standard that defines the requirements of an Information Security Management System (ISMS). This system is a set of policies that manage potential information risks, such as data theft or cyber-attacks. The scope of the ISO 27001 certification covers the protection of personally identifiable information (PII) that MCI Swiss SA processes for itself, its customers and mci group entities.  


ISO 27701 is a framework for data privacy that builds on ISO 27001. This privacy best practice guides organisations on policies and procedures that should be in place to comply with GDPR and other data protection/privacy regulations and laws, namely the delivery of the information technology transverse solutions and services (information technology and infrastructure, information security & management, network & connectivity, business solutions support, end-user support, performance) to its customers and mci group entities. 


Sebastien Tondeur, mci group Chief Executive Officer, says:

“We aim to be trustworthy partners for our clients and advise them on best solutions for enhancing their audience engagement. Protecting information, personal data, and ideas, whether our own or others, is crucial in the digital evolution all companies face nowadays. The ISO 27001 + 27701 certifications guarantee the best security and data privacy practices for our customers.” 


Edouard Duverger, mci group Chief Information Officer, highlights:

“Structured approach to information security management can help our company reduce the likelihood of cybersecurity and data privacy incidents, optimise our information security controls, effectively respond to an evolving threat landscape. As a people business, we always put data security first as no digital or hybrid project is possible without data protection. I am very proud of this achievement and I would really thank everyone involved in it”.   


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