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MedTech marketing: how do you build trust and credibility in 2024?


Trust in any sector is imperative, but nowhere is a lack of it more keenly felt than in the medical field. Healthcare providers took a big hit in terms of public confidence during the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning that MedTech marketing companies have a tougher time building trust and credibility in 2024 than ever before. However, consumer trust can be developed and nurtured with the right approach.

As an industry niche, the MedTech sector continually pushes the boundaries, creating products that make the lives of medical professionals and patients easier. Whether discussing AI-enhanced diagnostics or remote patient monitoring systems, the need for medtech companies to establish and maintain trust is paramount. 

Why does credibility matter so much in the medical tech field? That's a question we'll be answering as we also examine how a MedTech marketing agency can create the transparency needed to be seen as offering reliable products that are ethically manufactured. 

Understanding the MedTech market in 2024

By its very nature, the MedTech sector is fast-paced, meaning that rapid advancements happen as a matter of course. In 2023 alone, wearable health technology went from being capable of simple step counting and heart rate monitoring to now offering blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring and electrocardiogram (ECG) readings. 

As such, current medtech marketing requires an understanding of the landscape in 2024 and its increased emphasis on personalised healthcare solutions. Another major MedTech trend involves the employment of Artificial Intelligence (AI), moving from experimental use into the mainstream in medical diagnoses and patient care management.

MedTech is also revolutionising how healthcare is delivered:

  • Telemedicine Platforms: Enabling remote consultations, diagnoses, and treatment planning, this technology increases accessibility to healthcare services, especially for people in remote or underserved areas.
  • 3D Medical Printing: Prosthetics, dental implants and even bio-tissues can now be created in line with patient needs. This innovation has the potential to drastically reduce waiting times for organ transplants. 
  • Robot-Assisted Surgery: Surgical robots have the ability to improve patient outcomes, reduce recovery times and enhance precision, as they allow minimally invasive surgeries to be carried out with less pain. 

This represents just a small part of how technology is reshaping how patients are supported right now (something that will continue to evolve), but it doesn’t end there, as it’s also setting new standards for regulatory compliance. 

So when you partner with a MedTech marketing agency they must have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the sector and also what’s on the way. This insight is vital for demonstrating the value of what your products bring while fostering credibility.

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What are the cornerstones of trust in MedTech marketing?

In an industry where nothing remains still for long, MedTech marketing market consulting companies understand that trust is not just a virtue but a strategic asset. Any efforts to build trust in this arena must have at their foundation the three cornerstones of quality, compliance and transparency. Let’s look at why all three are non-negotiable. 

  1. Transparency & compliance are paramount, as any company that’s seen not to be open about adhering to the stringent regulatory standards in this area will be viewed as having a lack of focus on patient safety. 
  2. Quality & reliability. This aspect cannot be overstated, as medtech companies must show that their innovations not only satisfy clinical needs but are also backed by evidence of their safety and efficacy. 
  3. Ethical Medtech Marketing is essential in maintaining credibility, meaning that overstated claims need to be avoided at all costs. Any marketing materials must accurately reflect both the capabilities and limitations of products. 

So, we’ve covered the why, and now it’s time to look at the how as we delve into the various measures that any good MedTech digital marketing company will employ to ensure that patients and healthcare providers view what you supply with complete trust.

Method #1 - leveraging digital platforms

Why do MedTech marketing companies focus on digital platforms? They're indispensable in boosting credibility, particularly in this digital age when an online presence is necessary rather than preferable. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram offer a place to share updates and educational content. 

They can also be crucial in building communities that promote direct engagement between manufacturers and users, helping to humanise the brand. Webinars and virtual event platforms are amongst the other useful digital platforms, as are content management systems that enable the creation and dissemination of informative blogs and white papers. 

Method #2 - utilising customer testimonials & case studies

Another powerful resource that can be used to build trust are the unfettered, unbiased opinions of real patients who've used the products you supply. Also, successful case studies from healthcare providers who've benefitted from medical technology offer tangible evidence of the impact the product can have on people's lives. 

A testimonial from a happy patient who's perhaps regained their mobility thanks to a new medical device can be incredibly persuasive and easy to gather. Just by reaching out to satisfied customers and asking them to share their experiences, a medtech marketing agency can present them as authentic proof.

Similarly, developing comprehensive case studies that detail the challenge, solution, and outcome of using a product provides a blueprint for its effectiveness and reliability. Shared across various platforms, these real-world examples can significantly enhance your reputation. 

Method #3 - certifications & partnerships 

Needless to say, strategic partnerships are vital in building credibility and trust as a medtech company. In the USA, approval from an organisation like the FDA represents a mark of quality, as does an ISO certification or a European CE Marking (Conformité Européenne) that speaks volumes to potential customers. 

They serve as badges of trust, assuring users of the products’ compliance with rigorous regulatory requirements, meaning they’re a great resource for your medtech marketing company to tap into. A step above this would be to win an industry award, demonstrating your commitment to excellence. 

Additionally, establishing strategic partnerships with major research organisations and healthcare institutions can significantly enhance credibility. These alliances also demonstrate a collaborative approach to developing healthcare solutions, associating your brand with the same levels of trust that these bodies enjoy. 

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Mayo Clinic and the World Health Organization (WHO) are just a few of the organisations with whom partnerships can be beneficial.

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Looking for the right MedTech marketing partner to boost your credibility?

Trust is everything in the MedTech sector, as customers use your products to support perhaps the most important thing in their lives - their health. As such, the tech you supply must be perceived as being of the highest quality, compliant with stringent medical regulations and ethically marketed. The first step to achieving this end is to find the right medtech marketing company for your needs. 

At MCI, we offer a wealth of medical marketing expertise and a comprehensive understanding of the MedTech landscape in 2024. As such, we're a powerful ally to have in your corner, supplying you with tailor-made strategies that instil confidence in your brand and enhance its perception in the public eye. Our team of experts is ready to help you create campaigns that resonate with customers and healthcare providers alike.

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