Helping associations embrace equity


Discover why Nikki Walker, MCI’s Global Vice President Associations & Communities, recommends a career in the international association sector and how giving a voice and space to diverse groups makes for better results. 


Since Nikki Walker joined MCI Group, she has focused on helping professional associations grow and reach new markets.  


In April 2023, she opened up to Women Who Advance Associations on the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion:  

“For me, the most important DEI consideration for associations is embracing the next generation in the strategy and development of the organization. The younger members are the future, and they must have a voice in designing the relevance of their association for themselves and their world.” 


She also shared how much she’s enjoyed her career:  

“I love the diversity of working with multiple associations and impacting professional development, advancing learning, discovery, guidelines, industry best practices, and more. I would highly recommend this career – it is impossible to get bored.” 


Read the full article at Women Who Advance Associations 

Katerina Tolmacheva - Marketing Director