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"Jobs To Be Done": a powerful framework for event design


Understanding what drives your audience is the secret to designing unforgettable events. The Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) framework, pioneered by Clayton Christensen, offers a profound way to tap into attendee motivations, moving beyond a simple list of event features. 

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Juliano Lissoni, Managing Director of MCI Canada and an insightful voice in the engagement marketing industry, explores the power of JTBD in his article "What Is the Job to Be Done by Your Event?", published recently by PCMA

He points out a common mistake in event planning: "Often, event organisers focus on surface-level attributes... However, the key to organising an event that provides a meaningful experience for participants lies in understanding the deeper job they hire the event to do." 

Juliano illustrates this point with a compelling example: a home improvement store that transformed its sales by focusing on customer needs. They discovered that customers "...often felt overwhelmed by the variety of tools available and uncertain about their exact needs..." By understanding the "job" to be done  – and simplifying DIY projects – the store revolutionised its approach (and its bottom line). 

So, how do we apply JTBD when designing events?  Juliano emphasises the importance of knowing your audience: "The first step is to fully understand your audience's needs. Are they attending your events to learn new skills, to network, and/or to find inspiration?  Each of these needs represents a different job your event is being hired to do." 

His experience at MCI demonstrates the practical application of JTBD. Through workshops, focused networking activities, and even "internal trade shows",  Juliano and his team have moved away from traditional formats to foster learning, connection and collaboration. 

The success of this approach lies in its focus on outcomes, not just features.  As Juliano says, “Success should be measured not just by attendance or feedback scores, but by how well the event did the job it was hired to do.” 

Juliano’s article is a must-read for anyone looking to take their events to the next level. By embracing JTBD,  event organisers can create experiences that truly resonate with attendees, leading to lasting impact and success. 

Read the full article here.

Juliano Lissoni - Managing Director, MCI Canada