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Leveraging generative AI for enhanced member education: A guide for associations and professional societies


Generative AI is emerging as a transformative force across various sectors, including education. Associations and professional societies can harness AI to enhance their educational offerings, ensuring ethical use and inclusivity while maximising the benefits of this powerful technology. Here are five fundamental steps to guide associations in leveraging generative AI effectively:


1. Establish guidelines, guardrails and governance

To harness the full potential of AI, associations must develop robust frameworks to ensure responsible use. Clear governance and policies addressing critical issues such as accuracy, fairness, bias, and privacy are essential. Establishing these standards will help foster a trustworthy AI environment, protecting members and maintaining the integrity of the educational content provided.

Developing comprehensive AI policies that outline acceptable use cases and ethical guidelines is a vital first step. Creating oversight committees to monitor and review AI implementations regularly can ensure transparency in AI decision-making processes, building trust among members.

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2. Prepare members for an AI-driven world

AI literacy is crucial for maximising the benefits of generative AI. Associations should offer AI literacy courses and continuous training programs tailored to different levels of expertise. Providing resources like online tutorials, webinars, and workshops will further support members in navigating the complexities of AI technology. By equipping members with the knowledge and skills necessary to use AI effectively, associations can enhance their professional development offerings.


3. Ensure better outcomes through AI

Generative AI holds significant potential to improve educational outcomes by personalising learning experiences and providing real-time support. Associations can leverage AI to create customised educational resources and 24/7 support systems, enhancing the overall learning experience for their members. AI can develop personalised learning pathways based on individual needs and preferences, while AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can provide instant support, greatly improving the effectiveness of educational offerings.

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4. Guard against bad information

The risk of misinformation and bias is a significant concern when using generative AI. Associations must implement validation processes to check the accuracy and bias of AI-generated content. Educating members on how to verify AI-generated information and maintaining human oversight of AI tools are critical steps to ensure ethical use. By proactively addressing these concerns, associations can maintain the credibility and trustworthiness of their educational content.


5. Make AI-powered channels accessible to all members

Inclusivity is a core value in professional societies. Ensuring that AI-powered channels are accessible to all members, including those with disabilities, is essential for equitable education. Associations can adopt measures to make their AI-powered platforms and resources widely accessible and usable. Ensuring these channels are compatible with digital accessibility standards and providing alternative formats for AI-generated content are critical strategies for achieving inclusivity.

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Embracing generative AI allows associations and professional societies to enhance their educational offerings, providing members with innovative, personalized, and accessible learning experiences. However, it is crucial to proceed with caution, establishing clear guidelines and ensuring ethical use to mitigate potential risks. By focusing on these five fundamental steps, associations can ensure they not only stay relevant in an AI-driven world but also lead the way in providing cutting-edge, ethical, and inclusive educational experiences for their members.

By adopting these practices, associations can leverage AI’s full potential to benefit their members and advance their professional fields. This approach not only helps associations stay at the forefront of technological innovation but also ensures they provide valuable, impactful, and ethical education to their communities.


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Juliano Lissoni - Managing Director, MCI Canada