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Unlock the secrets to enhanced engagement with the 2024 Association Engagement Index


Unlock the potential of your association with the 2024 Association Engagement Index. Discover key insights and strategies to transform engagement and foster deeper connections with your members and customers.  

The landscape of association engagement is constantly evolving, and the 2024 Association Engagement Index (AEI) is here to provide crucial insights and strategies to keep your organisation at the forefront. The 2024 AEI report distils the experiences and preferences of members and customers from 58 associations worldwide, spanning multiple industries. This comprehensive study not only benchmarks current engagement levels but also offers a roadmap for transforming passive participants into active ambassadors. 


Discover the Engagement Loop 

Central to the 2024 AEI is the introduction of the Engagement Loop, a dynamic model outlining the four modes of engagement: consume, contribute, collaborate, and co-create. This continuum showcases the journey members take from initial awareness through to active participation and deep commitment. Associations can create more meaningful and long-lasting relationships with their members and customers by understanding and leveraging this Engagement Loop. 

Key findings and opportunities 

The report reveals that while 31% of members and customers are keen to contribute more actively to their associations, only a fraction find it easy to do so. This gap represents an opportunity for associations to refine their engagement strategies. The Engagement Loop framework is designed to address these challenges, with actionable insights to enhance engagement across all touchpoints. 


Tailored strategies for diverse audiences 

The 2024 AEI also underscores the importance of personalised and multichannel engagement strategies. Members who are younger than 55 were found to be less likely to recommend their association than older members. Targeted tactics that boost advocacy and loyalty among younger members will therefore go a long way towards future-proofing any association. 

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Calls to action 

The report is based on data extracted from the 15,800 responses received from members and customers spread across 120 countries. Based on the data, the AEI report offers several key actionable strategies: 

  1. Optimise: Structure activities around the four modes of the Engagement Loop to facilitate smoother transitions from passive consumption to active co-creation and maximise engagement opportunities. 
  2. Personalise: Leverage data to tailor messages and communication that will guide members towards activities that encourage engagement. 
  3. Collaborate: Regularly invite members to contribute their ideas for new association activities, get them involved and build a sense of ownership. Then emphasise the value and impact of their involvement. 
  4. Get flexible: Offer short-term projects and design agile membership plans that accommodate diverse preferences.  
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Enhance your engagement strategy today 

The 2024 AEI is more than a benchmark; it's a strategic tool for any association looking to deepen member engagement and strengthen community ties.  

Click here to download the 2024 Association Engagement Index report. 

Karine Desbant - Director Marketing & Communications - Associations Market, mci group