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Uncovering important metrics to increase membership performance


What have Associations learned about engagement in the last two years, and what do members and customers expect moving forward?  


The Association Engagement Index 2022 – a global benchmark study, measures the performance, relationship strength, and outcome of engagement tactics as seen through the eyes of the association's members and customers. The study measures three critical indicators: association's performance, benefits provided and preference vs other sources of knowledge/content. The Engagement Score revealed by the Index is 88 (out of 150), which shows a moderate level of engagement. 

Data is based on 12,700 responses from 51 associations across 118 countries around the world. 

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Key findings in the report

Based on the three critical indicators of performance, benefit, and preference, the Engagement Score revealed by the Index is 88 (out of 150), which shows a moderate level of engagement

● 20% of associations outperformed the benchmark with a strong relationship and engagement score, while the vast majority (67%) is in the moderate range.

● 56% of respondents indicated that their preferred means of engaging with peers and with their association community is a combination of both virtual (online) and in-person (offline). 

Members want a choice - the right channel for the right activity! 


MCI's solution, based on the research findings, is to adopt the three Cs of engagement: give members a choice, leverage multiple channels and customise their journey.


Download your copy of the report to understand what members want, how to improve your engagement strategies, and how to enhance your relationship strength with members and customers. 

Download the report here
Nikki Walker - Global Vice President Engagement Associations & Communities