Driving excellence in corporate experiences with Shawn Pierce, president of Strategic Events, Meetings & Incentives

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Driving excellence in corporate experiences with Shawn Pierce, president of Strategic Events, Meetings & Incentives


When brands want to break through in today's competitive corporate landscape, they need to create events that bring creativity and innovation to their attendees. Working with a partner with a track record of success can ensure your company is making an impact and engaging your target audience at a new level. Shawn Pierce, president of MCI USA's Strategic Events, Meetings & Incentives Division, has years of expertise in creating tailored experiences that help brands actualize their aspirations and exceed their event goals. Here, he shares how MCI USA produces extraordinary experiences with a focus on the client.

A comprehensive solution with a global presence

MCI USA offers unmatched global presence and end-to-end experiential services, allowing the ability to seamlessly integrate services across five continents. As Pierce explains, "MCI is the only truly global company that can provide these services for corporate clients. With offices spanning 30 countries and expertise that covers design, production, execution, cost management and world-class service, MCI emerges as a leader in the world of corporate events and experiences."

The power of experience in strategic partnerships

Experience is crucial in the event industry. When fostering a strategic partnership for your brand’s corporate event, having a partner with proven case studies, talent certifications and global networks is key. "MCI USA has talents with hundreds of years of combined experience developing and activating events and experiences,” Pierce says. “We have a range of service capabilities that can activate the highest level of luxury event experiences via our Black Flower Agency, award-winning incentive trips, and corporate meetings and events.”

With a focus on the client, as well as a commitment to leading with innovation, MCI USA provides award-winning experiential design capabilities, combined with world-class service. The wealth of experience within MCI USA’s team ensures the flawless execution of every strategic partnership, guaranteeing that your event is seamless and extraordinary.

Leveraging a global footprint for success

When working with a creative partner, a global footprint is a strategic advantage that allows you to collaborate with professionals around the world when executing international events. Pierce emphasizes, "With our extensive team of over 2,000 employees worldwide, MCI can service any level of corporate event or experience anywhere in the world."

According to Pierce, MCI USA leverages our global resources by “having offices within a [specific] country to execute an experience, which gives MCI a clear perspective and operational expertise in the local marketplace."

Pierce shines a spotlight on how MCI leverages our global reach, extensive experience and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional corporate experiences to benefit you. When your company seeks a strategic partner to create impactful and memorable events, MCI USA is here to make it happen. Your success is our priority, and we're dedicated to helping you achieve it.

To learn more about MCI USA’s corporate meetings division or to inquire about a creative partnership, visit our website today and contact us at corporate.sales@wearemci.com or 609-575-3300.