Exploring the Building Blocks of Successful Creative Partnerships

Exploring the building blocks of successful creative partnerships with Agnès Canonica, VP of Corporate Meetings and Events


Event strategists aim for the extraordinary — creating experiences that leave a lasting impact. To achieve this, clients seek collaboration with an event agency such as MCI USA to develop the creative vision, attendee journey, objectives and manage the details. There are three qualities at the heart of developing successful creative partnerships: customization, strong industry partnerships and a team of strategic experts. Embracing these qualities and using them as the building blocks for innovation to launch your next corporate event is critical. But how do you get started?

Customization and flexibility: Crafting tailored solutions

When it comes to creating unique experiences, brands often seek a consultative partner that understands the brand, strategy and culture to be at the heart of the activation. Customization is key, as companies want to ensure their unique needs and those of their target market will be met.

"One of the most sought-after traits brands look for in a creative partner is the ability to provide customized solutions that resonate with their objectives and audience,” says MCI USA Vice President of Corporate Meetings and Events Agnès Canonica.

Canonica’s career spans 30-plus years, with a focus on Fortune 1000 brands in the event space. She says that at the core of a successful partnership is a consultative approach that includes a discovery phase and open dialogue. “At MCI USA, for example, we start with a deep dive into the organization's specific needs and goals,” she explains. “We do not offer one-size-fits-all solutions; but rather, our approach is design thinking to align with the client’s identity and objectives. Whether it's a corporate meeting, an experiential marketing event or a product launch, we create events that amplify brands.”

Strategic expertise and industry connections: The power of experience

Brands prioritize expertise, strategic insights and industry connections when choosing a creative partner. This includes cross-border capabilities.

“MCI USA is backed by decades of proven record in the experiential marketing space and global resources across five continents,” she says. “Our long-standing relationships with vendor partners give us the leverage of identifying the best-aligned resources while benefiting from cost efficiencies. Our expert knowledge of the industry and market trends ensures we can offer strategic recommendations that are not just innovative but also relevant to the brand positioning and messaging for the activation."

Delivering memorable experiences: Going beyond the ordinary

Canonica firmly believes in MCI USA’s ability to create experiences for brands and their attendees with a profound and lasting impact. “What truly distinguishes MCI USA is our unwavering commitment and creativity to crafting transformative experiences,” she says. “Our proficiency lies in elevating these interactions into lasting moments.” For Canonica, a successful event transcends being a mere gathering but emerges as a dynamic opportunity to foster connections, shape dialogue and inspire action.

Sustainability is also another opportunity for event success. MCI USA integrates eco-conscious practices into the production of events. "We recognize that eco-friendly practices are not a trend but a collective responsibility,” Canonica says. “Our commitment to sustainability enriches the event experience in a profound and meaningful manner."

In a rapidly evolving world, adaptability is paramount. It becomes important to offer the flexibility to offer a diverse range of events, ensuring they can respond effectively to today’s ever-changing landscape. “This adaptability empowers us to adjust and deliver exceptional experiences, irrespective of the circumstances,” Canonica states.

She also believes that every event offers a platform to narrate the brand's story in a way that resonates with the audience. She says, “Our expertise also ensures that each project is delivered with an enduring and captivating tale — mastering the art of telling the story in an authentic way."

Dedication to customization, strategic expertise, memorable experiences, sustainability and adaptability not only make for mutually beneficial creative partnerships, but it also leads to event success and the ability to consistently deliver remarkable and impactful narratives that benefit brands around the globe.

To learn more about MCI USA’s corporate meetings division or to inquire about a creative partnership, visit our website today and contact us at corporate.sales@wearemci.com or 609-575-3300.